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We got home late last night from a really lovely weekend up at the lake. Last year, our first back in Michigan, we made a trip to the Charlevoix Apple Festival and had such a great time that as soon as September hit, we started making plans for this year. It’s a really pretty time of year up here and there are lots of festivals and activities going on, so it’s a perfect opportunity to take a little weekend away, get some time outside and just have a lot of fun.

It was a chilly weekend and after a rainy morning trip to the farmer’s market, the sun came out on Saturday afternoon and we headed out for our first round of apples at a farm. We picked up three different varieties there and I’ve got a few recipe ideas that I plan on bringing to the blog over the next couple of weeks. Then we headed over to Bay Harbor for a little shopping and dinner at Seventeen. Seventeen is pretty new and our first visit there was amazing! The restaurant itself is really nicely done, it has an equestrian theme and is just a gorgeous space with marina and Lake Michigan views. As far as food goes, I had a burger that was a black angus / short rib blend with American cheese, aioli, bacon and a fried egg, and it could only be described as decadent. Clint had buttermilk fried chicken with this super delish hot sauce and mashed potatoes. We also loved the sriracha deviled eggs and the ridiculously good cinnamon cheesecake and giant chocolate cake with lots and lots of caramel. If you follow me on Instagram, you see how much I love good food, so this restaurant was right up my alley. They also had a great bar that would make for a fun date night stop!

We went to the actual Charlevoix Apple Festival on Sunday, because it was a little warmer and much sunnier. It was nice to take the long way there and back to take in the fall colors on the trees and beautiful lake views. We picked up TONS more apples (again, two more varieties), some fresh Michigan maple syrup and maple sugar, along with a few little snacks for Sunday afternoon football watching.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Apple Festival Weekend

  1. Alison Jeanine

    Just realized over the weekend that you live in Northern Michigan! My grandparents live just North of Traverse City and I have been visiting them every Summer since I was a little girl, and it’s honestly my favorite place in the world. So jealous that you get to spend Fall in Northern Michigan. As I already assumed, it looks absolutely beautiful! Love this post. 🙂 Xo, Alison


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