Travel Tips: The Car Kit

Car-Kit-3Car-Kit-2Car-Kit-4A few years ago, my mom and I started putting together these kits filled with lots of “just in case” items to keep in our cars, purses (diaper bag) or suitcases. We made it a project of ours to think of the things you always wish you had in a pinch and then headed out to the store to load up on essentials. We called it a “car kit” because it was meant to be kept in the car (I now have this organizer in my car for Jackson’s stuff, so I keep mine in there), and added to for traveling or long trips.

From the original version we created, I’ve modified my contents a bit to be more kid-friendly, but the idea always remains the same: an easy way carry around some of the items you don’t know you need until you ABSOLUTELY NEED them. A few times a year, I try to go through my kit and replace any items that I’ve used or any of the medicines that have expired. Fall always feels like a great time for a fresh start, so Labor Day/Back-to-School time is always one of those times.

Here is the “car kit” checklist (I’ve linked to some of my favorites):

For travel, we add: Q-tips, Shower Cap (just take one from a hotel), Nail Clippers, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Low Beams

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