The Avocado Obsession


Until fairly recently I “didn’t like” avocados. I use quotes there because, truth be told, I hadn’t ever tried them when I thought I didn’t like them. All I thought was green, smushy, yuck – not eating them (I used to poke them out of sushi rolls, seriously a problem). Long story short, I’ve really changed my tune and discovered that (especially when combined with a little lime and a little spice) avocado is my new favorite food. From toast to salads, sandwiches and pastas, I’m putting it in or on just about everything (including this dessert), prompting my husband to ask me the other day “Do you just make anything if it has avocado in the recipe?” Yes, well sort of. We’re also making guacamole (I just ordered this starter) and a dip with avocado and cream cheese to pair with our usual chips and Clint’s amazing homemade salsa.

Along with trying new foods, I’m also attempting to bring some healthier items into our regular rotation and I think this is a great start. Avocados are high in potassium, a decent source of protein (especially for a fruit, which I learned that it is) and are packed with healthy fats.

Next on my Avocado To Make list:

So there you go, a whole blog post about avocados, my new favorite food. For more recipes I’m loving, follow my { Food } board over on Pinterest
Smoothies are the next thing I hope to bring into our healthy food routine and I’ll have a few of those to share with you soon.Do you all have a favorite food that you just can’t get enough of? I’m always looking for a new one!
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