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Reading time is an important time in our house. We’re lucky parents in that Jackson LOVES his books and is never happy at night when we tell him that three books are enough and it’s time to go to bed – it’s a good problem to have. Lately we’ve been making trips to Barnes & Noble story time and I wanted to recommend that to any mom readers I may have. It is a fun little outing we tend to take with a group of friends (although we have gone alone a time or two), where the kids get a little treat, have a book read to them and do a craft. Then the kids have little areas where they can play and check out new books – and we always leave with something new. It’s been a great way to get out of the house, see our friends and also learn about some new children’s books.

I’d like to start taking more time to read for myself, as well. I used to love spending time reading but it’s very easy to get away from that quiet time when you’re so busy, and I know everyone gets that. Fortunately, I’ve heard some great recommendations recently and have started downloading my new reading list. We do have so many new (mostly empty) bookshelves in the house that I may need a few hardcover copies, as well! Any recommendations for kids or grown up books? I’m all ears!

Our current favorites: 

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