Bring on the Blues

I must be in a blue mood lately because no matter what I go to buy, I find myself picking the blue option (this striped shirt and this skirt, for example). Earlier this week I was happy to see that Splendid has the blues too, in a denim-y sort of way. The super comfy brand just came out with their Indigo Dye collection, which has lots of light and airy pieces from classic tees to chambray pants and rompers. Everything is dyed and manufactured in the denim warehouses in LA and everything has unique variations, so no two pieces are exactly the same – which I love! The rompers and these pants are my favorite and I can’t wait for the chance to wear them.

The collection has pieces for both men and women and hits stores today. Shop some of my favorites below and check out the Splendid website for even more.


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