Holiday Beauty with Neiman Marcus & Laura Mercier

Sparkle, color, what to wear? That’s usually the thoughts that go through my head first when I’m getting ready for a holiday event (as I try to think of what to wear Christmas Eve / Christmas Day at this very moment). No big surprise that I’m usually more focused on what I’m going to wear than what my hair or makeup will be, but the holidays are a perfect time to try a little something new and fun with beauty.

To get a little bit of help putting together a new, chic and not too complicated holiday makeup look, I partnered with Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection and one of the most talented makeup artists I’ve ever worked with, Suzanne, at Laura Mercier. We discussed what I was looking for and decided to go with a sleek, wearable cat-eye with soft, neutral lip color. I’ve never been great at mastering the cat-eye, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks for this look along with the full list of products we used. 
Getting Prepped:
A few tips:
  • Start with a fresh, clean and moisturized face
  • A primer and base can really help set up your makeup for perfect application
  • A little camouflage goes a long way (this miracle product, right here, is amazing)
The products:


A few tips:
  • Keep the shadows a little more muted and neutral to let the liner really take center stage (shadow colors we used: Plum Smoke, Buttercream, Ginger, Pearl Fantasy (limited edition), Noir, Pewter)
  • With the liner: start at the center of your eye and work toward the edges. You want to make sure there are no breaks in the liner between your lashes (see next tip on this) for the best results. Add the “wings” at the end, NOT in one swish of the brush, it is much easier to achieve the best results this way. Laura Mercier has a really great brush for this, which I highly recommend to really execute the look properly.
  • The signature Laura Mercier tight line really opens up the eye and draws a clean, solid line between the lashes (and is even great for contact lens wearers like me)
The products:

Lips & Cheeks:

A few tips:
  • A little shimmer, using Stardust powder, can add a little something extra special to the look
  • Neutral lips, created with lipstick and a little gloss, are perfect when paired with a stronger eye (lip colors we used: Lip Glace in Lilac, Stickgloss in Brown Sugar and Lip Pencil in Plumberry)
The products:


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