Family Time + Merry Christmas

Things are about to get a little quiet around here this week. I’m excited to take a few days off to prep for the holiday (the wrapping, the cooking, etc.) and spend some quality time with our family to celebrate Christmas and get ready for the arrival of 2014.

Judging by the snow that has been falling here over the past few days, we’re in for a beautiful white Christmas morning (the first we’ve had in many years, since we’ve been in Texas) and I can’t wait to see the big smiles on Jackson’s face when he opens up his gifts – even though, the wrapping paper and bows will undoubtedly be the most exciting part of it all. He already knows that Santa is coming and, after meeting him recently, has been running around the house shouting “ho ho ho” non-stop. The holiday means so much more to us now that we have a little one, it’s so much fun teaching him about Christmas and coming up with new family traditions, along with ones that have been in our families for many years.

I’ll share some photos on Instagram, I’m sure, and I’ll see you all later this week! Merry Christmas and best wishes for laughs, smiles and happy times with your families and friends!

Images: Believe // Merry Christmas // Trees // Mistletoe


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