PJ Party

We have been the luckiest parents with Jackson for many reasons but definitely when it comes to sleep. He started sleeping through the night before he was three months old – and went to bed at 6:30 or, at the latest, 7:00. Now that he’s a little older and napping less, his bedtime is getting a little bit later. While it was nice to get a little bit more quiet time at night, we’re getting used to our new schedule and starting to like it a bit better too because we are starting to share a few new family activities. We spend lots of time reading, watching movies and having a snack before bed, so it often feels like a little PJ party living room. It’s all becoming a fun little evening tradition that I’m excited to continue and hopefully make even more fun.

A couple of times a year, typically right when summer starts and right when winter starts, I like to buy a few new sleepwear items for both sleep and lounging around. With it being so cold here, I’ve been looking for items like a new robe or PJs with pants and button-up tops. I’m looking for something to keep me warm, easy to move around (and chase) in and something with a little bit of style.

Right now through Sunday, November 24, Neiman Marcus is hosting a PJ Party and giving shoppers a NEST Fragrances candle (how much do I love these?) with a $200 sleepwear purchase. I’m sharing my favorites below, but check out the NM website or head to your local store to find some cozy sleepwear to help you catch some beauty sleep.


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