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I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite things about working on the blog is discovering new brands and stores and my latest find, Bu Ru, is a combination of both of those things. The concept of the site comes down to the simple fact that being a mom (and a breast-feeding mom, at that) doesn’t mean that you have to lose your personal style – which I LOVE!

I’ve gone through a few phases in this short time that I’ve been a mom where I felt like as long as Jackson looked cute, no one would notice that I had worn the same pants all week long or that my hair probably could use a good washing (thank you dry shampoo!). While that may be true, the other thing that I’ve learned is that I feel more me when I’m dressed up and feel good. I probably wear more flats than I used to and might be a little more conservative in some of my choices, but I love fashion, love to shop and it was so fun to find a shopping destination that understands this phase of life.

The first time I went to the Bu Ru site, I spent a lot of time browsing and checking everything out. The site is divided into a few different ways to shop, including: easy access, washable and comfort (all mama priorities). Each category is filled with designers like David Peck, Annie Griffin Collection, L.A.M.B, Hunter Bell, Rebecca Minkoff and Tucker – amazing – and you can shop for workday, weekend or weekday. I kind of want the whole site to be in my closet – you know, once my closet is actually finished.

So, you’re not a mom? That doesn’t mean that you won’t find amazing designers and styles at Bu Ru. While they’re all picked with a certain audience in mind, the options are so good that it’s kind of hard not to shop. And not to mention, the site’s co-founder, Morgan, is super adorable and has amazing taste – just check her Instagram to see what I’m talking about.

Once you go to the site, I’m pretty sure you’re going to find some items to add to your cart, so for the next week, Bu Ru has kindly offered a 15% discount to HSS Feed readers with the code BURUheartsHSS (and make sure you type it in just like that).

Shop some of my Bu Ru favorites:
Mara Hoffman Leopard Shawl // Hunter Bell Zip Front Dress // Zoa Pleated Front Blouse // BP Collection Track Pants // Walter Baker Colorblock Top // Yosi Samra Loafers // David Peck Faux Mink Vest // Rachel Pally Caftan // Boulevard Market Tote // Annie Griffin Collection Scalloped Skirt


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