Make Mom Feel Beautiful

Now that I have my wonderful little man, Mother’s Day is a different holiday than it used to be. This will only be the second one we’ve had with him, but it is still a little strange that I’m celebrating my mom and being celebrated as a mom myself. Being a mom is so very rewarding and I so appreciate that every day, my husband and son make me feel so beautiful and loved, and Mother’s Day is a great reason to celebrate that all day long.

Dallas-based designer, Elizabeth Showers, creates gorgeous, feminine jewelry that you couldn’t help but feel absolutely beautiful wearing (or giving!). In recently getting to know the brand a little bit better, I became aware of the appreciation of imperfection that Elizabeth has for each stone and piece. Her jewelry is created to highlight what is special about every single stone and her symbol, the 8-point Hope Star, is found on nearly all of her designs in some way. The imperfect image of the Hope Star is meant as a reminder to women to feel beautiful every day. We all have our days that we need a little reminder and I just love the message and the fact that it happens to be built in to gorgeous jewelry is a bonus.

I’m thrilled to share my favorite Elizabeth Showers items, that I might also suggest would make Mother’s Day gift ideas! I’m a little bit more partial to this beautiful ring in Jackson’s birthstone (amethyst) and this gorgeous turquoise necklace (and I love turquoise especially for summer, I’d wear it almost every day).

Shop my favorite Elizabeth Showers picks:

**On a side note, you have to know that most of these pieces are on serious sale, along with so many other beauties. Check out the entire sale here

Images c/o Lauren Kendrick & Elizabeth Showers


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