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I am constantly shopping for the next necessity for Jackson. He changes so much every month that we are always finding the need to add something to his ever-growing collection of stuff (and that usually also means an addition of something else to our tightly packed storage unit). Even with all of these new things, I realized that I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile so I wanted to share some of the items that we are currently loving for the little man. 
Gap Linen Stripe Shorts: We know I’m a BabyGap addict, I just can’t help it. They’ve got lots of great prints for spring (for boys and girls) and these shorts are among my favorites.

Pediped Baby Shoes: As of today, we’re still waiting for Jackson to start walking but he has been wearing Pediped shoes for a couple of months now. I love their little sandal styles for Spring and we’re hoping to need to buy the “walker” version before too long!

thinkbaby Thinkster Bottle with Straw: Another big change? Weaning off of the bottle. These thinkbaby straw bottles have made for a pretty easy transition so far. The little handles make it easy to hold (also easy to throw, as we’ve learned) and it’s great to travel with, since the straw just gets covered up by the lid and Jackson can just slide it back and open it himself.

Dr. Seuss ABC Book: This our favorite book for on the go. We keep it in the car with our “car toys” and Jackson “reads” it on the way to school almost every morning. It is small and easy to hold (AND again, easy to throw), so it’s perfect for car to restaurant or anywhere else

MD Moms Baby Silk Sunscreen Wipes: The latest addition to the wipes collection in my diaper bag/car. We’re trying to be good about sunscreen at a young age and these little wipes are really easy to carry around and just apply as needed.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller: Now that we’ve retired our snap & go stroller that we loved so much, the fancy umbrella stroller is our on the go ride. This one feels very sturdy, it is pretty sleek and so easy to open and close.

LL Bean Open Top Boat & Tote Bag: I use the small bag (monogrammed, of course) for Jackson’s school bag since we just need to take a few things on a daily basis. I also have been thinking of getting the large one just for toting things around on the weekend for errands and such (this time with MY monogram).


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