A Chat with Lubov Azria

BCBGMAXAZRIA Finale. Love all the embellished jackets with maxi dresses. 

On Monday night, my husband (who was a great sport) and I attended the first night of the third annual Fashion Houston event. Along with the VIP tickets (thank you BCBG!), great seats and the rare weekday date night I had the amazing opportunity to interview BCBG Chief Creative Officer, Lubov Azria.

Neons and neutrals. Not to mention, killer shoes.
Fantastic Kimono. I would live in this on vacation.
I really admire Lubov as a stylish, working mom and as someone who has so much creativity to manage several amazing, very different brands. During our whole conversation I was struck by how kind, thoughtful and down-to-earth she was, making me admire her even more as our conversation went on. We covered everything from our recent reads (note to self: pick up both 50 Shades of Gray and The Alchemist) to fashion to our children. We started off talking about being a working mom and that balance in life that we all try to achieve and her advice to me was to think of the safety message on the airplane: Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then on your child. You have to take care of yourself first because if you’re okay then your child will be okay. And if you can really be present with your children, it is the most amazing gift.

On the subject of family, I asked her how she and her husband manage to work together, something I think would be a challenge at times. Lubov told me that her husband, Max, has been a wonderful mentor to her and they have such a high level of respect for each other – and it helps that their offices are pretty far apart at work!

I have always been impressed by the quality of the brands in the BCBG Group’s portfolio, so when I asked how they keep things fresh and the creativity well-stocked, Lubov credited her amazing team. She said that she hires people that inspire her and she hopes that she inspires them. We discussed the strong DNA of each brand and how that determines what goes in each collection of each brand. “You understand that you’re not designing for yourself, that this is for a consumer,” she said. And the BCBG team knows both their brand and customer personas so well, designing every collection with each specific customer’s lifestyle and needs in mind.

My favorite question to ask Lubov was what her secret was to keeping happiness success and style in her life and she told me that she felt that happiness is loving what you do. “When you go around and you ask anyone when they’re the most happy, it is when you’re doing what you love. Success is something that I value very differently. To me, personal success is so much more important because the most successful people I’ve met are not always great, because success is so often measured by money. I think success is being true to yourself and giving back. When you give back without thinking, that is truly successful. And style. Style is everything. I think most people are born with style. I think you can learn style, but most people are born with it.”

Thank you so very much to Lubov Azria for taking time to speak with me! It was such a pleasure and I am thankful for your kindness and inspiration. 


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