Hair Basics!

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their hair.  Here is a list of some staples to have in your “get ready space.”

My favorite and most important tool. A couple things to look for in a hair dryer are power and the attachments.  You cannot get a smooth blow dry without a concentrator nozzle. I do recommend investing in a good hair dryer because it makes the biggest difference in your finished product, and they can last a long time.  
We did a post on how much we love these brushes a little while back.  They are so great for getting your hair smooth.  The trick is to make sure that you get your hair about 50-60% dry before you start using the round brush.  
When it comes to choosing a curling iron a good basic size to start with is about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch in diameter.  The bigger the diameter the bigger the curl.  It’s also important to get the irons with the clamp and the covered tip.  

I use a HAI eLite flat iron and it has been my favorite so far.  When looking for a flat iron you want to make sure you are able to control the temperature.  They can get up to 450 degrees, and if you don’t have super curly hair you don’t want to be putting something that hot on your hair.

I LOVE this little brush.  It’s great for backcombing your hair for volume, smoothing the hair after the backcombing, and smoothing out updos and ponytails.  

Please please please do not buy hair bands that have metal on them.  They will rip your hair and cause damage.  I also recommend getting hair bands that are close to the same color as your hair.  They come lighter and darker shades as well as thinner or thicker bands based on the hold that your hair requires.

Everyone HAS to have bobby pins in their drawer.  I don’t think I go anywhere without bobby pins.  I find them in every purse I use, pant pockets, and the floor of my car.  There is a chance I may have too many, but they are always useful and one bobby pin can change your entire hair style.  For these I also recommend purchasing a color close to that of your hair.  It can look tacky seeing a light blonde with a black pin in her hair.  Of course that’s your own artistic choice though! 

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