Holiday Beauty: With Rochelle Rae

With December in full swing, the holiday events and parties for work and with friends are starting and it is time to start thinking about the perfect look. We asked beauty expert and creator of Rae Cosmetics, Rochelle Rae, for her ideas on great holiday looks and here are three of her favorite looks and tips to try this holiday party season. Not only are these great looks for you, but Rae Cosmetic Kits and individual products make stellar gift ideas for the beauty mavens in your life!

Look 1:
The holidays are filled with sparkle and that is also true for the eyeshadow trend this season. A little shimmer can go a long way so choose a lighter shade like icy blue or lavender. Highlight the brow bone and inside corner of the eye with a glittering white for and extra pop.
Try the Rae Cosmetics Icicle Eye Set filled with 3 shimmering shades of icy blue shadow, a long lasting onyx eyeliner and a lush silk mascara in a shiny silver bag.
Look 2:
Nothing says take me to the mistletoe like a bombshell red pucker. Red is always the color of the season but it can be a bit tricky with all the eating, drinking and that mistletoe. Apply lip liner to your entire lip and then apply lipstick. Lightly blot, then apply lipgloss to just the center of your lips. With a small brush apply powder to outside edge of lip line to keep it from bleeding.
Try the Rae Cosmetics Mistletoe Emergency Kit. It includes an anti-feathering, Long Lasting Lipliner and a plumping, Lip Lust Lipstick in Bombshell. Finish it off with super high-shine Lucky Lips Lipgloss in the shade Naughty. Comes in a little red wristlet, so you can kiss and run. 
Look 3:
 It is impossible not to notice, rather real or fake, lashes are getting longer and longer. This season you may feel a breeze ewhen the girl next to you blinks, it is all about lovely, long lashes. If you don’t want to splurge on extensions, you can apply some falsies. If you decide to go au natural start by curling your lashes, this instantly makes them appear longer and thicker and eyes bigger and brighter. Apply a lengthening mascara and then apply more. Use a clean disposable mascara wand to remove extra mascara between coats. Then apply more.
Try Rae Cosmetics Lush Mascara. A Protein-rich formula containing silk powder, which builds into strong flexible threads for long, lush lashes. The hollow-fiber brush lifts and separates each lash, no clumping for a long and natural look.

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