A Breakfast Fit For A Parade

Thanksgiving morning is so much fun!  At our house, everyone is in their pajamas, drinking coffee, and watching the parade….. and then of course watching the Detroit Lions play.  Here are some easy breakfast ideas that you can enjoy while you are relaxing AND won’t make you feel bad about the upcoming dinner.

Cinnamon Toast (one of our favorites growing up!)
Learn how to make it the “right way” from The Pioneer Woman

Fruit Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

Maria’s Homemade Granola 🙂

For those not drinking coffee…. Martha Stewart’s Homemade Hot Chocolate

For those of you drinking the ever so important gift from God…. coffee! Try adding some cinnamon for some extra fall flavor.

Penzeys Vietnamese Extra Fancy Ground Cinnamon (it is to die for!)

Enjoy!!!….. and GO LIONS!! 


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