Threading on Hair

“Threading” is my new favorite find in the world of eyebrows!  I’m the worst person at shaping my own brows so I put mine in the hands of the experts at the Benefit Store in Santa Monica (check out their website for a store close to you).  They told me there is a another way to get your brows shaped and it is not as harsh on your skin as wax…. it’s called “threading.”  They literally use a piece of thread to pull the hair out (I know it sounds crazy but it works).  It makes your skin so smooth AND the best part is that they can thread your entire face.  If you have annoying peach fuzz this takes it away and your skin will look so fresh and dewey.  I swear by this!

Also try their product line to fill in and highlight your brows.  You will be shocked at what a difference it makes to have your brows shaped well.  It can completely change your look!!


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