How To Get The Hair You Want

Here are some tips from a hair stylist’s POV on how you can leave the salon with the hairstyle you want!

1. Be prepared and bring pictures! Even when it comes to hair color, pictures are helpful.  One thing that is important in color is what “tone” you would like your color to be.  If you don’t know what that means then simply find a picture of what you like and your stylist will know.  It’s not good to go into the salon without at least some direction of where you want to go with your style.
2.  Length is subjective.  If you say you want to take “a couple inches” off….. show your stylist what “a couple inches” means to you.  
3.  Talk about your lifestyle and maintenance.  If you are a “wash and go” kind of person then there are certain cuts that require you to style every day and you shouldn’t go with those.  If you have super dark hair and would like to go lighter, but don’t have the funds to go to the salon every month then mention that so you can figure out an in between color that will work.  
4.  Be honest about your hair.  Stylist are like doctors….. you don’t tell your doctor the truth about some bad habits and it is probably the same with your stylist.  If you are washing your hair every day, but complaining about breakage, they are the ones who can give you advice.  It’s only going to help you (and I guarantee they can probably already tell what bad habits you have just by looking and feeling your hair). 
5.  Communication is key!  The relationship you have with your stylist is like any other important relationship in your life….. if you don’t communicate, then it isn’t going in a good direction!  They don’t know you are happy or upset unless you tell them.  So if you are returning to your same stylist….. tell them how your cut and/or color worked for you the last time and how it could be improved.  At the end of the day our goal as stylist is to make YOU happy! It is after all your hair 🙂 If you are not comfortable with this…. find a new stylist.
6. Tip! If an assistant is washing your hair….. you should tip them too.  Some people don’t know about this salon etiquette and if that’s you, don’t feel bad.  Start doing that and you will get great service every time you walk in the door.  

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