Tips for Sticking to Your Health Resolutions

tips for health resolutions Tips for Keeping Your Health Resolutions

How are those health resolutions coming along now a couple weeks into the new year? I’ve noticed that all of my Peloton rides and classes have more people on them, and Clint has said that the gym is pretty packed these days. We all know that January is a great time for a fresh start in your workout routine and healthy habits, but how do you make them stick?

My motivation is very much coming from hurting my back over the holidays and doing everything I can to both heal and prevent injury in the future. I’ve been working on flexibility in my hips and hamstrings with stretching and yoga, as well as increasing my core strength. My X-rays showed that I had a great bone density and that it could, at least in part, be attributed to resistance training, so I definitely want to keep that up. 

So as we get into the second half of January and the novelty of new year’s health resolutions begins to wear off, what do you do to stay motivate? Here are a few of my top tips:

Give Yourself A Challenge or Make A Plan

Whether you join an organized challenge or create one for yourself, giving yourself some sort of plan or schedule is a great way to get and stay on track. I love doing the Weekly Moves Workouts from Madeline Moves and I started her Tighter Together Challenge this week, which is both workout and nutrition based. I also am following a Peloton program for core strengthening and when that 4 week program is over, I’ll probably do it a second time and keep the momentum going for Spring Break.

If you’re not in a group, you can always make your own! You can create challenges for yourself and friends with the Apple Watch, or even in a Facebook group. It helps you be accountable and ultimately lead to more consistent and even better results! 

Change It Up

Not only does it get boring to do the same workout or make the same recipe over and over but I feel like it makes your motivation level drop a bit after a while, as well. I’ve been stocking my Healthy Breakfast and Healthy Eating Pinterest boards like crazy lately just to keep our home  menus interesting. 

As far as workouts go, my Tighter Together challenge gives suggestions on days to take a group fitness class so I plan on heading over to Pure Barre or another class for some variety once a week. Not only do workout changes help challenge your body, but they also challenge and exercise your mind in different ways to work on coordination, balance and focus, all of which are also key components to being healthy.

Make Mini Goals Along the Way

You wouldn’t just go from the couch to running a half marathon, so take little, achievable steps  along the way to get there. When you set little goals and achieve them, it helps to motivate you to keep going to the next one. 

For workouts, I typically start with a number of days per week to focus on. For example, I’ll make a deal with myself to start by planning for 3 days of workouts. Then I’ll reward myself with something little like a Friday breakfast at Starbucks. The next week I’ll add a day or an activity (like work out 3 days and make sure to stretch on 5 days), and build from there.

And that same thing sort of goes for healthy eating. I’ll meal prep a week of healthy breakfasts or prepare a good list of dinners that I know we’ll have time to make for the week. I know at least if I can accomplish that much, then the following week I can add another meal and gradually build up to where I want to be on a healthy eating plan.

Workout Style

In preparation for my better health resolutions in the new year, I made a visit to the Active Department at Neiman Marcus in Troy. They have such a good variety of fun pieces and I wanted to pick a new workout look that was comfortable but felt sort of “new year’s” celebratory. These Terez leggings are awesome and definitely fit the celebratory idea with metallic stars (they also come in gold stars here). This top is worth getting in at least two colors because it is CRAZY soft and gives you good  booty coverage. For workouts, I like layering it over a tank for my warmup and then throwing it back on for afterward.

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  1. Susan G

    Great suggestions! I always feel that having a challenge or a buddy helps to keep the motivation going! And love the star leggings – I need to order a pair!


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