My Experience With Facial Fillers

This post has been a long time coming, but I could never find a good time around the holidays to finish and publish it! So I’m finally going to share my experience with getting facial fillers done. I’m also answering a few of the questions that were sent to me on Instagram when I posted about this experience. 

Why I Got Facial Fillers

As many of you may know, my “day job” is that I own a marketing agency and we have several medical spas as our clients. This means that I’m able to learn about a lot of really cool aesthetic treatments all the time and up until this point, I had gotten Botox, CoolSculpting, HydraFacial treatments and peels but had never tried facial fillers.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for getting aesthetic treatments like facial fillers. For me, I was feeling like I looked really tired, no matter how much sleep I had gotten and I also felt like I was seeing my face “drop” a little bit as I got older. I had seen really great results in before/afters and when I had the opportunity to get this done for myself, I was super excited to try it. 

I had my filler done at Tondue Medical Spa in Bay City. In the interest of full disclosure, they are a client of mine and I did not pay for this treatment, nor am I obligated to post about it. I am posting about it because I know a lot of other women my age are interested in getting these things done, and I have a very positive experience to share! 

The Process + What I Had Done

facial fillers check filler before and after facial fillers lip filler before and after facial fillers

Roxanne, the owner at Tondue Medical Spa is a master nurse injector and she is the one who did my treatments. We started by doing a formal consultation where she took a ton of photos of my face,  pulled them up on an iPad and said “Let’s start by you telling me what you see.” I spoke with her about feeling like I looked “tired” and that “dropping” feeling, and we discussed where/how filler could help. 

She recommended starting with a liquid facelift with cheek filler to restore mid-face volume, adding some filler in my tear troughs to help with the shadows in my under-eye area, a touch of filler in my temples and we decided we’d do my lips too. I was a little nervous about my lips more than anything! I had heard that it hurts and I also felt like I may look like a Real Housewife. But I had also seen Roxanne’s work many times over and that’s not the result she creates, so I obviously trusted that she’d make sure I looked like ME but just the best version of me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may also have seen that we had to try this twice. At my first appointment, I had a reaction to the ice ball where I got a huge hive on my cheek. Roxanne advised me that it was a good idea to wait till that reaction had calmed and we could try again. That’s exactly what we did, about a week later due to scheduling availability. The second time, we did a little less ice, but she did use a numbing agent on my cheeks and lips. 

We started with my cheeks, which is the part that probably took the longest, and then went on to the other areas, ending with my lips. And along the way, she’d let me look at the progress and we would look at my photos and discuss. I felt good about talking it through the whole time so I always knew what was going on. My whole appointment was a few hours (although we did chat a fair amount during the time, so it doesn’t take that long for everyone!)

All of the photos above are before and immediately after my treatments. The photos of me in  my house are about 4 weeks later.

Recovery + How I Feel About the Results

I felt like my downtime was fairly minimal with these treatments. I went home, took some Arnica for bruising/healing (I had one good bruise but otherwise nothing), Tylenol before bed for a little aching and did some icing. That first night, my lips got pretty swollen and I was worried that maybe I shouldn’t have done those (but I was also told to expect exactly this, so I knew it was coming), but I woke up the next morning and that swelling was nearly gone and I loved how my lips look – now I kind of want a little more filler in there! 

I’ve been most happy with my cheek and tear trough filler. I love the new definition in my cheekbones and I’ve really noticed that I do look more awake without makeup with my tear trough filler. I was sick over Christmas and said to Clint that I think my filler was the only thing keeping looking like a normal person! 


What did it feel like and did it hurt? Short answer is no. I thought this was really interesting but Roxanne described it as “it’s more of a sound than a feeling.” And that was 100% true. You can hear the injections and that’s a little weird (if you get Botox you may have this too), but really nothing hurt. Even though I was concerned, I was surprised at how little my lips hurt. I would feel the quick pinch of the needle but then it was fine and totally tolerable. Afterward, like I mentioned, I had minor aching from the pokes, but again, nothing that was day changing or challenging to deal with.

How long does the filler last? A surprisingly long time! I have Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks and that can last up to 24 months. The lip filler lasts maybe up to a year. It all depends a bit on how your body metabolizes the filler, but it’s not something you have to do often. I get Botox every 2-3 months, so the maintenance on that for me is clearly quite a bit more.

How much does it cost? There is a price range that different spas charge for areas or syringes of filler, so I’m not going to be super specific on the cost. Also, I did not pay for my treatment, as  I previously disclosed. Many spas, including Tondue, will give you a complimentary consultation and will talk with you about your budget and goals to do something that works for you.

Where else can you get filler? There are several other areas that you can treat, depending on your personal goals for your aesthetic treatments. For example, you can fill nasolabial folds (smile lines), around your lips, in your chin, temples, jawline, nose and more.

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