Why I’m Not Covering the Nordstrom Sale this Year

So the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicked off for Super Early Access today and, for the first time in years, I’m not doing a post to say how amazing it is or sharing the things I feel like you and I need to have from this sale. If we’re being honest, I haven’t even looked at the catalog or the preview on the website. 

Most style bloggers cover this sale and, while I do consider myself in that category from time to time, this year it’s not for me. And I thought I’d share why I’m not going to be covering the sale this year, just as maybe a different perspective and also to explain myself a bit.

I’m not excited about it. 

I know people run around saying it’s the best sale of the year, and maybe it is, but the way I see it right now is that things go on sale all the time, so to dedicate two weeks of your life to one sale just doesn’t seem worth it to me right now. Yes, some things will sell out, but I’m not sure those are the things I (or you) really need anyway. 

On a personal note, mom life / work life is also just crazy busy right now, so I’m having a hard time getting excited about a sale that would take my attention away from these things that really need it right now. As you may have noticed, I don’t post a lot in the summer, and when I do, I try to share things I’m really into or really like. So I’m trying to prioritize my time for things that need me more (my marketing company, my kids, never-ending house projects) right now.

I’m not shopping it

Last year I bought one thing from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s a Theory jacket like one I saw Meghan Markle wear and I’ve worn it all of one time so far. The year before I bought some Zella leggings (which, by the way are totally worth it if you buy them on sale or full price) and a zip up, so it’s not really a big shopping event for me, personally. I buy a lot of my beauty products from Nordstrom, but I’m pretty well stocked in that department at the moment so there’s literally nothing I “need.”

Also, I’m just not a big “BUY IT ALL AT ONCE” type of person. I like getting an outfit here or there, but seeing people buy long cardigan after long cardigan and all the booties and denim you’ll ever want for fall just isn’t my style. I like to buy throughout a season and, truthfully, there are so many good sales throughout each season at all the retailers I love, that I figure I can get a good deal later.

On another note, I’m totally not ready to shop for anything fall yet. Clint and I have been talking about this lately, but it was such a long winter, a terrible spring and a super rainy summer so far that we feel like we’ve barely gotten into it. I still haven’t worn the majority of the things I bought for summer, so I kind of want to do that before I think about shopping for fall.

It’s all “too much”

Bloggers are practically (or literally outright) begging for commission on this sale and, honestly, it just annoyed me to the point that I just said “I’m not doing it.” Hey I get it, a girl’s gotta make a living, and if this is your full time gig, it’s a big freaking deal. And Yes, we make commission on affiliate links from many retailers (and when you do buy from my links, I truly and genuinely appreciate it!), and this sale is HUGE for a lot of bloggers. Honestly, it hasn’t been a gigantic earning for me in the past (probably because I’ve felt obligated to post about it and not necessarily inspired to do so, and my posts probably show that) and I’m just not one to go do in-store try on sessions, and post like crazy about it. 

I also feel like content across so many sites (and on Instagram) for the next couple of weeks is going to be solely focused on this sale and I kind of plan on tuning it all out.

Now, do I judge anyone else for covering or shopping the sale? No way! It’s just not for me right now. Nothing against Nordstrom either. I shop there, just not as much as I at shop other places.  In fact, I’m waiting till July 31 for the new Rachel Parcell collection to come out so I can shop at Nordstrom for a dress I’ve been eyeing for a couple of weeks already. Hey, I may even get excited to shop the sale next year and do a complete 180 and head in store for try ons and all the craziness. But right now, it’s not for me. 

If you want to know who I think does a great job covering this sale, I’ll totally tell you because there are some ladies who do an amazing job and very much earn the commission they deserve because the work hard at it and provide value to their readers. Seriously, send me an Email and I’ll send you their way!

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  1. Bernadette

    Thank you!!! I am a big fan of Bloglovin, but have come to dread this time of year, just the endless push to spend money at Nordstrom! What happened to minimalism, is that now out?!


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