My Experience with Rebounding

I’d like to attribute my “must try rebounding” to Instagram. I was on the Explore page and BarreGroove popped up with the most amazing rebounding routine to the Nutcracker Suite Sugar Plum Fairy Hip Hop Remix (see it here). Of course, I watch it, think I’m in fantastic shape (ha!) and decide this is clearly the new addition my workout routine.

Then I found this Goop article calling rebounding a youth-boosting workout, and talking about benefits including detoxing, de-stressing, improved balance and increased energy. I also went down a pretty solid YouTube and Instagram rabbit hole to find out more, but I’ll save you all of those. 

So I bought a trampoline a couple of months ago on Amazon. You can find some really outrageously expensive trampolines out there, but I felt a lot better about experimenting with this fitness trend by getting an “entry level” trampoline. The kids were slightly disappointed to find out that the trampoline was mine and not entirely theirs, but we keep it in the playroom and they use it quite a bit (more than I do). In the winter months when we couldn’t go outside, it wasn’t the worst thing to have around! 

The Workouts

I’ll typically add a rebounding workout on to a day where I do a 20 minute Peloton ride. I’ll just start music and watch my iPad to do whatever routine I pick. These are a couple that I like:

  • This one by Lo Roxburgh
  • This one for Cardio and Strength
  • This one for a serious workout (I’ll do a shorter ride on a day I do this one!)

Sometimes if I just have a few minutes and want to bounce for a bit to feel some of the benefits, I’ll put on a song and then do a few moves from those videos in no particular order. Either way, I usually rebound a couple of times a week.

My Experience + The Benefits I’ve Seen

I can’t say that I’ve had some sort of health and fitness miracle happen since starting rebounding on a semi-regular basis. The thing I like best about it is that I do feel it is great for your mood. I feel happy and even a little detoxed when I’m done rebounding, even if its for 5 minutes. The other great thing about it is that you definitely can’t check your phone while you’re rebounding, so it’s a true break – which is why I’ll do it for a few minutes in the middle of the day if I just need a minute to refocus. 

I also do feel that it’s great for core strength, because you do work pretty hard on your balance and coordination when you do these routines. You’ll certainly feel your legs working (it’s harder than it looks!) but I usually can’t tell if my legs are tired from rebounding, cycling or other classes I’ve been doing. 

Rebounding is also supposed to be great for your pelvic floor heath, so that’s just another reason to do it! 

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