Work at Home Wednesday: Office Reveal

This month, each Wednesday is going to be “Work at Home Wednesday” and I’ll be covering my work at home space, style, favorites and more. 

Today, to kick things off, I’m exceptionally excited to welcome you into my new home office! I am so excited to finally reveal this space and share with you how much I love it. 

I worked with the design team at Feige’s Interiors, who is a marketing client of mine, to complete this space and make it the perfect home office for me to run my agency and blog out of and I am SO pleased with the results. 

The Before

If you’ve been following along here for a while, you know that I’ve painted this office now three times and have just had absolutely no vision for it other than “I’d really like to work in there.” It ended up being a mish mash of furniture from our Houston house, from my parents’ house and just a dumping spot for boxes, storage and whatever else we just didn’t feel like keeping in our bedroom or elsewhere. It was kind of a mess. 

The office became a priority when my marketing business began to steadily grow last year. I really needed to upgrade from working on the couch or in my mess of an office, so we decided to prioritize that as a project this year. I had been working with Feige’s as a client for about 6 months or so when we started to talk with them about it. I’d become really impressed by the things I had seen them put together in store and for clients, so I couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with for me. 

If you saw my sneak peek post a while back, you saw the presentation that the Feige’s team put together for my office. I wanted a space that coordinated with the rest of the house but that was distinctly “me” and represented my business. I was going for professional, creative and inspired….and that’s what I got. 

The After

Well this is it! The space is modern, light and stylish. It’s creative, cozy and I find so much inspiration and peace in working there. The first day I worked in my office I was amazed with how productive I felt in my new space. I flew through my to do list, organized my files and really felt more “official” in the office. 

We had originally thought we might keep and refinish our old desk but ended up getting this one, and shelves from Hooker Furniture. There’s really great storage in the desk and I love the gold accents with the wood to go along with the shelves. I also have a beautiful storage piece from Hooker on the opposite wall with gold knobs and tons of space for everything from stationery to beauty products I receive to review for the blog. 

The chairs by the window were actually from my grandfather’s house. He passed away 8 years ago and when we moved back here, my mom and dad gave me these chairs, a couple of side tables and a beautiful sectional from his formal living room (which you’ll see in our closet!). It meant a lot to me to have these chairs refinished and come out so beautifully. I think my grandparents would be proud to see them in this space, as well. 

I was also so happy to walk up to the office and really feel that it was complete. The Feige’s team brought in accessories and everything so that the room was really “done” and immediately ready to use. I literally only added photos to the frames and a couple of succulents that I’m hoping to keep alive for more than a month.

One of the fun details that we added was a DIY brass clothing rack next to one of my shelving units. I use this for a blog “to do” list of things that we need to shoot photos for. It also is just a kind of fun touch that brings in the style element of my business to the space. 

Speaking of fun, how great is the “hello” sign over the desk? I loved that, as well as the gold and white artwork below it. The team at Feige’s really thought of everything and put so much time into the details and I’m really so thankful. 

Another thing I love about this room is that it gives us a quiet place to sit and relax in the evenings. Since the office is attached to our bedroom, we can come upstairs after putting the boys to bed and sit in there, read, watch TV and just wind down at night. We’ve done this almost every night since the office was finished. This was something we always hoped would be the case when this space was finished and we are so happy that it really has become a new, relaxing routine for us. 

I’m so pleased with this space and I hope you all love seeing it as much as I love sharing it with you. Huge thanks to the team at Feige’s Interiors for making this the perfect space for our home. I so highly recommend working with them on home decor projects and if you’re local, even stop in and look around the showroom. I promise you that you’ll be surprised at the furniture and accessories you’ll find and you’ll really enjoy your experience! 

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