My September Fitness Goal: 30 Days of Peloton

Every month I try to set a new fitness goal for myself. It gives me something to work for and to keep track of, and I love feeling accomplished at the end of a month. In September I decided that I was going to ride my Peloton bike every day for 30 days. It seems like a lot but I did it before as part of a “get back on track” sort of plan and felt that I needed to do it again.

We traveled a lot in August and I ate and drank more than I should have. Plus, in getting the kids ready for school, I was definitely not prioritizing myself, my workouts or really anything else that made me feel better. And when Mama’s not happy, that’s not good! 

A few things that happened along the way: 

  1. I definitely hit a slump // After about 12 days I was like “Ugh I’m sore and my legs are dead and I don’t want to do this anymore.” But I had already come a pretty long way so I couldn’t very well stop! Instead, I found workouts that had great playlists and I added strength classes to the routine. The strength workouts made me a bit more sore, but I’d follow them up the next day with something low impact and some stretching for an “off day.”
  2. I learned to prioritize your workouts // I would look at my schedule every week and figure out exactly how and when I would workout. If I had to wake up at 5 because I had a day of meetings, I would do that. And I’d plan for when I could do longer rides vs. shorter rides and if I could only do 20 minutes, I’d be happy that I at least did SOMETHING.
  3. I felt stronger at the end! // After the slump passed and I found a few other ways to challenge myself (riding at the same time as friends, trying to beat my personal records etc.) I got back into it and finished strong!

And as it ended up, I did this for 44 days. I broke the streak last week when we were in California, which I expected would be the case, and now it’s time to move on to another challenge and set another goal to meet (and hopefully exceed!). 

I do plan on trying to run in the mornings with the Peloton Digital Outdoor Workouts (they’re on the app and they’re awesome!) and maybe do a stretch or some ab workouts when we’re on vacation and then when we get back, I’m going to start a Tabata training program on the bike. 

I know I talk about it a lot and some of you might be sick of it, but the Peloton workouts and community that comes with that bike are things that I really love and am passionate about. I’ve truly felt that my life was changed when I got my bike and really got into the workouts. I’m stronger, healthier and, as a bonus, my clothes fit better. So when you know about something good, you should share it and that’s what I want to do. 

Again, if you’re thinking about purchasing the bike, my referral code is 3R3R9F and will get you $100 off of your accessories (and I’ll get $100 credit to the boutique). 

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