On My Wish List: National Sunglasses Day

I hope you all are liking these themed wish lists over the last month. I’ve been wanting to do something different with wish lists, and the last month has presented some fun topics and things happening around here. So, those have translated into some cute ideas (in my opinion!) for wish lists. 

To continue with that, today is National Sunglasses Day so we’ve got an ALL sunglasses wish list! 

Sunglasses are one of those things that I really don’t buy often, but when I do, I almost always splurge on them. Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it, but I’ve never lost a pair of sunglasses and I really do my best to take care of them. Plus I don’t have that many pairs and the ones I do have, I wear all the time. I will say, I do have a couple of pair of Warby Parker sunglasses that are my “less expensive” styles (they’re under $100), and I leave a pair in my car, and one in my diaper bag so I always have them. So if you’re looking for great styles at affordable prices, that would be the first place I’d look – and there are three of them on this wish list! 

If I had to pick my top 3 from this week, they would be:

  • These red Celine sunglasses. I don’t know why, but they’re fun and I feel like I would wear them a lot!
  • For an everyday basic, I like the Ray-Ban Highstreet glasses. Seen on Meghan Markle, need I say more?
  • For a subtle statement, I like these Krewe Butterfly glasses. They’ve got a bit of an accent on the sides, but it’s still neutral and not too crazy!

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Row 1 Glasses: Warby Parker Haskall Sunglasses (in many other colors too!) // Karen Walker Butterfly Sunglasses // Krewe Butterfly Sunglasses 

Row 2 Glasses: Warby Parker Aviators // Quay Australia Cat Eye Sunglasses // BURU Tired Mama Shades

Row 3 Glasses: Warby Parker Flynn Tortoise Sunglasses // Ray-Ban Highstreet Sunglasses // Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses 

Row 4 Glasses: Amazon Heart Eye Sunglasses // Le Specs Sunglasses // BURU Bold Mama Gold Sunglasses

Cases: Wink // Cat Eye // Mirrored Lenses


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