Glowing Stars

My skin has felt really good lately after my microneedling and HydraFacial, and that has made it even more enjoyable to try new makeup and create new beauty looks. I’ve been working on playing with some new neutral looks, and I’m planning to share a few more coming up including a “no makeup look” and a dressier look. I’m also taking requests! 

My friends at Le Metier de Beaute are always so awesome when it comes to letting me try new things and when they launched this Glowing Stars Collection at QVC, I was thrilled to get a set for myself.

For starters, they’ve done an amazing job with the packaging for these QVC sets. Everything feels really special and they’d even make great gifts if you’ve got a beauty lover with a birthday (or Mother’s Day!) coming up.

Creating the Look

Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe // I’ve actually been using this product for a few years now and it’s a great one to have in your makeup drawer. For days where I want light coverage, I will wear this on its own (more recently also using this RMS Un-Powder on top of it), and I’ll also wear it under foundation when I’m dressing up. It’s got anti-aging treatment and SPF in it, so it’s working hard for your skin while it’s making you glow and look beautiful. By the way, this product is $125 on its own but this whole set is only $115 – and you get a full-sized product, there’s no skimping here!

Kaleidoscope // I’ll say that on first glance, one of the colors in the kaleidoscope can be intimidating and make you think “What in the world am I going to do with that purple eyeshadow?!” Well, don’t let that turn you away from trying the palette because I didn’t use it on this look, but I did use it on my lash line on another day and it can be done in a really subtle way that won’t make people go “WHOA PURPLE EYESHADOW!” Plus I’m a bit in favor of getting out of your comfort zone and just giving it a try. 

For this look, I used the top color, “Lavish,” all over my lid, the next shade “Timeless,” in my crease and then used the darkest color, “Cognac,” along my lash line and in the outer corner of my eyes. I went back with Lavish to blend out the outer corners so it ended up with a softer look.

What Else I Used

For lips I went with the Urban Decay VICE lipstick in Backtalk. I liked this one because it did have what I felt were blueish purple undertones and brought the whole look together. Otherwise I kept my basics pretty much the same and used the Le Metier de Beaute eyeliner (part of the set!), IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara and my RMS Beauty quad luminzer highlighter. 

Whenever I’m trying something new on my eyes for the first time, I really try to use those easy, everyday go-to products. That way, I’m only changing one thing at a time and I can see how it fits into my normal routine. So far, I feel like this kaleidoscope fits in really well because it gives you a lot of options. You can keep it neutral, smoky or step it up!

If you have any questions on this one (or any other products, looks, etc.), let me know in comments or always feel free to send me an Email at 

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J.Crew Champagne T-shirt // Le Metier de Beaute Glowing Stars Collection (UNDER $115!)  // Lip Color: Urban Decay VICE in Backtalk // Mascara: IT Cosmetics Superhero // Blush: Bobbi Brown in Peony // Highlight: RMS Beauty Quad Luminizer

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Photos thanks to Eleven Creative


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