New-to-Me Spring Fragrances

My mom always wears perfume and to this day if I smell YSL Opium, it reminds me of being little and playing with her perfume bottles in the bathroom. For me, I’m very far away from having a signature scent like that. I would say that for the last couple of years, my only “perfume” was if I bought a scented deodorant. And even that didn’t happen very often!

I love the idea of perfume finishing a look or just giving you a certain feel to head into your day. I really got back into the idea of trying more perfumes as I got into essential oils a bit recently and found that the oils evoked an emotion or feeling. I loved that when I’d have certain scents going in the diffuser, it would bring a sense of calm (lavender) or energy (peppermint & lemon). 

I figured, why not try some new perfumes and see if those would do the same. I think it’s also part of my ongoing goal of getting dressed for the day (and getting out of yoga pants!), and just feeling more of a “finished” look with a touch of makeup and perfume. 

So, over the last few months, I’ve been trying some new spring fragrances and I wanted to share four that I’ve really liked. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them or please tell me what perfume you’re wearing and loving for Spring!

Byredo Bal D’Afrique

  • What it smells like: Warm, romantic, soft. It’s lightly floral but also has bergamot in it, which is always a scent that I gravitate toward (I used to be OBSESSED with this candle). 
  • When I wear it: This is a great date night fragrance. I bought it in Park City a while back when we were spending the day bopping around town and shopping, so it does remind me of that too! 

Le Metier de Beaute Marie 

  • What it smells like: Floral. It’s inspired by Marie Antoinette’s gardens and the fragrance has that “running through a garden barefoot” feeling. It’s light, airy, feminine and super pretty.
  • When I wear it: When I’m dressing up for the day. It gives you that sort of fancy feeling, like you’d want to wear it when you’re heading out to brunch or going to be outside somewhere.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous spring fragrance!

R+Co Relative Paradise

  • What it smells like: Citrusy and fresh.  
  • When I wear it: This is a great daytime perfume, it’s energizing and light to put on after you workout or to get a bright start your day! This can also be used as a hair fragrance, room fragrance or linen spray. I’ll sometimes spray it on our bed as I make it just to refresh everything. 

Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette

  • What it smells like: Light, airy and slightly fruity. It was inspired by the Greek isles and you do get a light scent of fig in there. 
  • When I wear it: I love this one for a daytime fragrance. It has that polished and put together feel. It’s also really fresh, which is why I think I’m going to wear it even more in the Spring/Summer – it’s a pretty one! 

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