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I feel so lucky to have creative and inspiring friends who create really amazing brands and products and today I’m excited to highlight one of the latest projects from my friend Leslie who owns Leslie Perry Cosmetics. Inspired by the kick-ass women around her, Leslie created the Girl Boss Makeup Collection. The collection itself is a super easy-to-use, multi-tasking kit that will fit in as a perfect update to your everyday makeup routine – plus it’s also a great one to take when you’re traveling because it combines so many essentials in one place!

A few weeks ago, I got a quick lesson from Leslie on how to use the kit and why she chose to combine the products she did in order to create it. It’s a really great selection of neutrals that work well for nearly everyone. The browns in the shadows look a little more gray on me, which I love and the liner is also a steel gray that is soft and flattering, and definitely not harsh. 

I also cannot tell you how much I love that she included an eye brightening pencil. You use this guy inside your lower lash line and POOF! bright eyes! I was trying to do this with white a while back and it was way too harsh for me. This color is more peachy and soft, so it does the job but in a much more natural way. 

The bronzer and blush are also really natural shades that are easy to blend, so you can contour if you so choose (I typically do not because it makes me look like I have stripes), but you can also softly add warmth to your face with a few easy swipes. 

I think my favorite thing about this kit (and just Leslie’s makeup philosophy in general) is that it’s new products, but it can fit into what I’m already doing so that I’m not making dramatic changes. For example, I combined my kit with my own foundation, which lately has been the IT Cosmetics CC cream, concealer (I’ve been using this one), and IT Cosmetics SuperHero mascara. Leslie also recommended this mascara for bottom lashes, so I’ve also been using that and it’s been a good one. And as my last step, I do add a cheekbone highlight because I like it – and this mama has needed a wakeup to her skin lately!

The whole look takes me maybe 10 minutes to do (I could probably do it quicker but I’m honestly just not fast at applying my makeup!) and I’ve been wearing it as an everyday look for meetings or just to feel pulled together when I’m wearing yoga pants and working at home, you know when I feel like I need to “boss up.” 

If you’re local, I highly suggest that you check out Leslie’s Power Hour makeup lesson series or book a private lesson with her. She can show you how to make the best use out of your own products, as well as even combine them with the ones in her collection that make sense. 

And no matter where you are, this Girl Boss collection is very much worth checking out and adding to your routine. It’s UNDER $100 and as I’ve been saying, it can easily fit in with what you have and is a nice way to shake up and update your beauty look!

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Leslie Perry Girl Boss Makeup Collection c/o // Free People Top // Free People Bralette 

Photos thanks to Eleven Creative


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