4 Weeks with PMD Beauty

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After a couple of weeks of craziness, I’m excited to have a few new posts to share with you this week. 

If you’ll remember, about a month ago, I shared a post about PMD Beauty and their Personal Microderm Device. I committed to using the device weekly for 4 weeks (followed by the Recovery Sheet Masks), and I did that so I’m here to share some of my thoughts and a review of my experience.

Let’s start with some overall thoughts. I liked adding the PMD to my routine for a few reasons. First of all, it takes SO little time to integrate into your routine. It’s literally 3 minutes to do the exfoliation. Then you leave the mask on (if you choose to do it) for 15-20 minutes. I made this part of my Sunday evening routine, specifically because the boys go to bed a little early and I had time to sit around in the mask without too many questions about it from little inquiring minds!

When it comes to using the device, it took me a couple of uses to get the hang of it. But I kept the little training guide on my countertop, and I watched the videos a couple of times and that helped a lot.  I started with my first treatment using the White Training Disc, as recommended, and while I definitely felt the suction, but wanted a little more “scrubbing.” By the second treatment, I felt like I needed a little more exfoliation. So I started using the gray disc (for “very sensitive” skin) for the next few weeks. I’ll do another treatment this weekend and I’m going to try the next level up, the blue disc, which is still for  “sensitive” skin. 

In my “before” post, I talked about wanting to target my hyperpigmentation and discoloration, and also some texture issues. I didn’t notice much change when it comes to those pigment issues, but I’m also learning that it’s likely melasma, so I need to be patient and work at treating it. I also spent some time in the sun and heat when we were in Florida this month, which made that worse. What I did notice was an improvement in the general texture of my skin. I felt that after a single treatment that my skin felt softer and less “tight” and uncomfortable. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that I didn’t have some of the dry spots I was seeing before, and I also really noticed a smoothing of the texture of the skin on my cheeks. 

I also want to make sure I highlight these Collagen Recovery Masks that I used. I LOVED these after each PMD treatment. They feel cool and comforting when you put them on and I felt like my skin was just glowing the next morning. So, if you’re going to try the PMD, I would highly recommend ordering the masks as well and making them part of your routine.

To hear a few more reviews of the PMD Personal Microderm Device, here are a couple other bloggers who also tried PMD products over the last month or so: 


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