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This post was created in partnership with Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen. All opinions remain my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make the HSS feed possible.

I really have never considered myself an outdoorsy person, but you sure wouldn’t know that by what we’ve been up to lately! Summertime in Michigan is amazing because we get lots of sunny days with temperatures in the 80’s, making it easy to stay outside and play all day long. Our weekends have been spent at running at the playground, making trips to the Children’s Zoo and, of course, splashing at the pool.

With all of that, I’d say that we have had some serious sun time so far this summer!

blue lizard sunscreen

As I’ve gotten older, and even more so now with two little boys, I’m very conscious of all of our sun time and the effect it has on our skin. I don’t spend time tanning at all anymore and I’m always covered with a hat and, at the pool, usually wearing a rash guard with UPF 50.

It’s safe to say that I’ve become just a tad obsessive about sun care and wearing sunscreen ALL. THE. TIME. So when we had the opportunity to try a new-to-us sunscreen from Blue Lizard®, I was really excited to check it out.

Jackson was really excited about the products because of both the lizard on the bottle and the fact that the bottles turned color in the sun! I also thought the color changing thing was pretty cool (because it changes when exposed to UV rays), but was even more interested in the ingredients of the products. Both the baby and sensitive sunscreens use natural mineral barriers Zinc Oxide and Titanum Dioxide, which are non-irritating. They absorb really quickly, which helps when you’re sun screening little ones who don’t want to sit still! I’ve always turned to spray sunscreen to make things quicker, but using the Blue Lizard sunscreen was really just as quick and I felt like there was better coverage and I felt more assured by the application. Another perk is that there is also no sticky feeling after you apply and there is also no smell to the product, which I really love.

I’ll often prefer to use sun care products for sensitive skin, or specifically baby products, even for myself. The thought behind that for me was that the baby products would be better for my skin and offer more protection. With these, I felt comfortable using both the boys and myself because they were so gentle – and effective!

I think we’ve found ourselves a new staple sunscreen for the pool and diaper bag, and we’re ready for more sunny days ahead! You can shop both of these products on Amazon (sensitive sunscreen here and baby sunscreen here) – and they are both available on Prime! 


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