3 Ways to Be A Good Wedding Guest

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We are right in the middle of summer wedding season, so I thought it would be a good time to share a few tips on being a good wedding guest. I feel like we’ve been to so many weddings over the years that it’s becoming easy (and more fun) to attend them now. So for today’s post, I wanted to share three of my top tips for being a great wedding guest.

Dress the Part

I have a few “wedding guest dresses” stocked up in my closet, so that I don’t always have to buy something new for a wedding. With that being said, I’ll almost never turn down the opportunity to buy a new dress, and a friend’s wedding is a perfect reason.

When it comes to wedding guest dresses, I always ask myself “Can I dance in this?” and “Can I eat in this?” Clearly I have my priorities. This summer, I’m finding myself loving ruffled styles in soft blush shades or florals. I try not to get anything too loud or crazy so I don’t stand out and so that I can wear it again without people saying “Hey didn’t you wear that at so and so’s wedding?” every time I do.

Also, keep your shoes in mind. If you’re the type to throw on flats or flip-flops to dance, then maybe you don’t want a long dress. I’m so short that I almost never take my heels off, so I almost always prefer a long dress. 

Follow Directions!

When I was a bride, I know I was really concerned about people being on time for the busses bringing them to the ceremony or other random things that we would occasionally get texts about. I would say that unless it is an emergency, DO NOT text a bride during their wedding weekend!

What you do want to do is follow directions. It sounds so simple but it makes a big difference. If transportation is provided to the wedding, be there on time. Or if you’re supposed to be somewhere for photos as part of a group, be there (early) and smile. It just makes things easier on everyone and when things move along smoothly, it’s always more fun!

Pick A Great Card

When Clint and I got married (which was seemingly forever ago), I remember hanging out in our room after the reception, opening our champagne and going through all of our cards. We loved taking the time to read the notes from everyone, and it was really nice that we could easily pack up and take all of the cards with us when we went back home.

Now, as attendees, we typically pick a gift off of the registry and send it ahead of the wedding. Then, I always put some time into picking a good card to take with us. The card section at Target is typically my go-to (because they have TONS of options, and I’m always there!) and I’ll take a while and read through lots of options until I find my favorite. I really like Papyrus cards because of the beautiful details and added dimension with beading and design. We also include a note to share our best wishes and love, and hope that the newlyweds enjoy the card as much as we know we enjoyed ours.

What are some of your best tips for being a great wedding guest? And check out the American Greetings Pinterest page for more wedding card inspiration!

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