Keeping Cool with Cold Brew

This post has been sponsored by Coffee-mate. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

With the launch of my marketing business, working on the blog and putting a new focus on my personal health and fitness, my days have really changed a lot since the beginning of this year!

Once Clint heads out the door to take the boys to school, my day really takes off so I’ve found that starting earlier is really the key to making a good day a great day. As you’ve seen around here from my recent posts, I’ve gotten into a routine of starting my day with a good workout.

One of the great things about doing consistent morning workouts has been getting a real jumpstart on my day! Some mornings (especially Mondays!) it is really tough getting out of bed at 5:00 but I’ve found that because I’m up and active so early that I’m more productive and I actually even enjoy my busy days even more. 

When I get home from fitness camp, or come up from my Peloton spin class in the basement, I love that I can get at least a few minutes to myself. I typically will take a bit of time to get things picked up around the house and get ready for my workday before the boys wake up and the craziness begins.

During this quiet time, I do everything from prepping the boys’ bags for school, putting away clean dishes from the previous night and making my work to do list. I also make sure to check that my client social posts are ready to go, as well as my own blog and social content and a quick round of checking E-mails to make sure I’m ready to start the day.

Because I’m up with the sun these days, one of my favorite things to do on these mornings is to spend a little time outside. Summer mornings have been warm and sunny, so after I get all of our plants watered, I sit and relax with my (absolutely necessary!) coffee. Lately I’ve been really into cold brew and I’ve been sipping quite a bit of the Coffee-mate® Natural Bliss® Mocha Flavored Cold Brew. I always liked a touch of the Natural Bliss® Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer in my hot coffee, so the Cold Brew was something I immediately wanted to try.

The Cold Brew is made from 100% Arabica beans and includes real milk and cream. The Mocha flavor has been my favorite because the chocolate flavor is light and subtle, and the overall taste of the coffee is rich and smooth.

It’s so nice because you just pick it up the Coffee-mate Cold Brew in the refrigerated section (near the juice) of your grocery store and it is all ready to go when you want it. It is perfect for these type of mornings and is also great for an afternoon treat and a pick me up! This product is a West Coast-exclusvie item and to find out where you can purchase Coffee-mate Cold Brew, check out their store locator.

What is your favorite way to start your day if you have a few quiet minutes? 


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