What’s in My Diaper Bag Now

I know that over the years, I’ve written a few “what’s in my diaper bag” posts but I always find them interesting when other people do them, and seriously, what are the odds that you’re looking back at those posts that often? 

Along with talking about what’s in my bag, I also want to show you how I’m preparing my diaper bag for our upcoming travel weekends. 

First of all, let’s talk about the bag. I just got this new Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Pathway Pack from Baby Cubby. People have always raved about Petunia Pickle Bottom bags but I never wanted one because I didn’t like the prints. But when I saw this one, it was much more my style, so I chose it because, mainly, it’s pretty. But I also like it because of all of the pockets (and I watched this video before I ordered, so I knew more of what to expect). You can put your laptop or iPad in the large back pocket, it has a spot for diapers, wipes, a cup and a great, deep, main pocket for everything else. Now that I’ve gotten it all ready, I really think it’s going to be the best travel diaper bag that I’ve had. 

It was so nice to get to see the bag being used by a person and get a review of it before buying, and Baby Cubby is awesome about that and testing out all of their products. And because they test everything and put so much thought into product selection, you’ll find a really special, curated assortment of products that are the safest, sleekest and among the best you’ll find.

I’m positive I’ve mentioned this at least 100 times in the past, but I love using Truffle pouches in my diaper bags. I actually went on an organizing spree a couple of weeks ago and also put everything in my purse into organized pouches because I had gotten to the point where I could literally find nothing. Such is the bag of a busy mom, I guess. But it was getting gross, we had to fix that. 

Anyway, back to the diaper bag. I use one pouch as my “diaper pouch” and that always comes in handy, but especially when traveling. I can easily throw that into a beach bag, diaper bag or hand it off to Clint for a quick baby change. I use another, smaller pouch for “me stuff” like a hair tie, some Tylenol for travel headaches (brought on by crazy children), lipsticks and any other random makeup needs. I use the other pockets in my bag to hold hand wipes, boogie wipes, a bib and a set of baby pajamas (or a change of clothes, but PJs always work and are good to have in case you get stuck somewhere). 

The next major travel essential is snacks. I feel like “snack” is the most commonly used word in our house and it’s sometimes the only way to keep everyone (sometimes including me) quiet and happy when we’re on the go. When it comes to snacks, Jackson and Dylan never really want the same thing at the same time. So I got this Skip Hop Grab & Go Food Storage Tower and it has three separate compartments for snacks. Jackson can hold his own container and then it’s nice to have others to keep separate for Dylan. It’s also colorful and cute, so I thought it would be great not only in my diaper bag but to take to the beach or on the boat. 

We’re heading out on our first road trip this weekend, and I’m glad to have this one all packed and ready to go. What are some of your road trip essentials for yourself or for the little ones?

Oh and P.S. Head to my Insta Story today to see me go through my entire bag and show you all the details of what’s in here!

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