Our Bottle Phase with Playtex Baby

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One of the things I love most about being a mom is the constant change. I love (and sometimes dread, but mostly look forward to) every new milestone, skill or accomplishment that we go through, especially at Dylan’s age because they go by so fast. I never believed anyone when they said that once you have a routine figured out (or you think you have it figured out), it will change. Well, I learned that is completely true and we do our best to adapt and change with it – sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not so easy!

I’ve also never been one to get sad about the changes and phases. But one I remember missing with Jackson was the end of our nighttime bottles. It made way for a new, fun bedtime routine, but I love that little quiet time at the end of the day where there’s a bath, book and bottle before bedtime.

With Jackson, and now with Dylan, I usually talk to him about the day or even something as lame as what we had for dinner and how he felt about that (which I’m sure makes for riveting conversation, I know), and then he finishes up a bottle and heads to bed – hopefully for the entire night!

We’re headed down the end of our road with bottles, but he is still taking one every night before bed (and before naps when he’s home from school) and I will absolutely enjoy all of our nights until our routine changes again.

We recently got to try these Playtex Baby™ Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners bottles and there were things about them that make them a great fit for us now, but also a great fit for those of you at a much earlier baby phase.

I especially like these bottles for being on the go. They come in handy for road trips and travel when you don’t have a chance to wash bottles. The pre-sterilized liners can be filled, used and then recycled or discarded after use. I hadn’t ever used lined bottles before, but I actually liked being able to throw them away and not worry about leaking bottles in my diaper bag when we were out and about. I also found that they were really easy to fill from a milk carton or jug, because we’re on whole milk right now with Dylan, and being able to fill a bottle one handed is a must during these days!

If you’re in the earlier stages of feeding, these are designed to make switching between breastfeeding to bottle-feeding as easy as possible. The liners are designed to collapse as baby eats, so it will mimic natural breastfeeding. The bottles also come with NaturaLatch® Nipples to help babies with more of a natural latch.

The Playtex Baby Nurser bottles are available at Walmart and right now you’ll find that they have an on-the-package coupon to help you save $3.00 on any one three pack when you purchase. To find the store nearest you that carries these, use the store locator here.

What are some of your favorite baby phases that you’ve gone through with your little ones?


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