My Favorite Lipsticks for Spring

I’ve recently made a little spring beauty resolution and that is to wear lipstick/lip gloss/lip color every day. Along with painting my nails (which may be my summer beauty resolution), this is one beauty thing that I’m pretty terrible at. I tend to blame it on being a mom and that I don’t want to get lipstick all over my kids, their clothes, my clothes, or whatever. Truth be told, it’s pretty hard to cover them with lipstick when they’re at school and I’m not sure I actually have a problem with getting makeup on my own clothes. So, it’s just an excuse and I’m trying to throw out some of my lame “don’t have time/I’m a mom” excuses and do more little things for myself!

I love wearing lipstick because it can very simply complete a look or just make you feel a little more dressed up, even if you’re spending the day working on things at home or running errands. It’s also one of those little things that I use as a “feel better” purchase or as a reward to myself for hitting a little goal. 

The lipsticks I’m sharing today are all fairly new to my collection and I’ve really loved all of them. One thing they all have in common is that they all have seriously great wear time. They last well throughout the day and only require minor post-lunch touch ups. So here are what I think are the best spring lipsticks and why I love them so much:

Pop of Pink // I got to try a bunch of the new Le Metier de Beaute Moisture Matte Lip Creme products recently and this color, Revel, was just my absolute favorite. It’s a little (a lot) out of my comfort zone, but that’s exactly what this spring beauty resolution is all about. This one applies more like a liquid lipstick or a thin gloss. It’s very saturated in color and it lasts so well without smearing throughout the day (of all the ones I’m going to list, this one lasts the longest). The richness in the color is my favorite thing about this product. Before applying, I do also use the Le Metier de Beaute Hydra-Plump Lip Serum for a little moisture boost and it really does puff up your lips a bit (without that odd tingle or anything like that). 

New Nude // So I picked up this NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Creme in London on a grocery store visit at Meijer. And I found out about it because it is apparently Gigi Hadid’s favorite nude lip color – so naturally, I need it, right? It is more of a liquid lipstick like the LMdB pink color I talked about above. With this one, I recommend doing a lip scrub and/or moisturizer first because it has a matte and slightly dry finish and if your lips are cracked, it shows. Also if you can’t find this color, Stockholm is another pretty one!

Best in Berry // I picked up this Clinique Berry Pop Lip Color because it was unlike any other color I had worn in quite some time. I am wearing it back in this post and it is surprisingly awesome for every day, for date night, ANY TIME. I like this one because the color is super saturated and it is very moisturizing, as well. It’s got a really velvety feeling finish to it and I think that’s due to it also having a built-in primer. I would actually buy a couple more colors in this formula because I like it so much – definitely one of the best spring lipsticks you can buy!

Muah Red // This red was another grocery store pick up and it’s part of the Colour Riche collection that L’Oreal did with a bunch of celebrities. I picked Eva’s Red, which was done with Eva Longoria because I felt like we sort of had the same undertones in our skin, hair color and eyes. Plus, she’s gorgeous and I was going for a little bit of that too. Just like the Clinique lip color, this one is super moisturizing and long-lasting. I’ve found that I like wearing this one as my “dress up your day” lipstick and I’ll throw it on when I’m running out to the store with just mascara and a “no makeup” look otherwise. So I’ve surprised myself that this has become more of a daytime color than I expected. Definitely worth trying this line – see all the reds here!

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