How I Start My Week

Wow am I ready for a new week! Last week we got hit by a horrible bug and Jackson and I both had pretty high fevers and spent the better part of 3 days on the couch. Thankfully, Dylan and Clint have so far avoided getting this, and we’re hoping it stays that way. And Jackson and I are doing so much better now. Whew, but that was not the week I was expecting!

Since we’re starting fresh today, I thought I would share with you all some of the things that I do to get my week started on a good note. Since we’ve had two kids, I’ve felt the need to be even more of a planner and be prepared to take on each week. We do our best to plan ahead, work ahead and avoid surprises (where possible!), and this post talks a little bit about how I do that and if you have any great life hacks that work for you all, I’d love to hear! 

Menu Planning & Cooking

I really enjoy menu planning for our week. I take a look at what we have on the schedule and then head over to Pinterest to start planning. I like to try at least one new recipe a week, plan for a sandwich or leftover night and also a slow cooker meal night, which usually makes for great leftovers to get us into the weekend. Leftovers are necessary around here for us to have easy lunches and leftover nights when we’re too busy to cook or just plain don’t want to.

We almost always grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday. Jackson loves to grocery shop, so whoever does the shopping takes him along and he “helps” pick out our food for the week. When we get home, Clint and I usually take nap time to cut up fruit and vegetables, make chicken salad and prep breakfast tacos, egg cups or muffins for a week of breakfasts. We make a lot of the same things for breakfast and lunches, just to keep it easy and healthy. 

Another thing we just started doing is planning to have Plated come once a month. It sort of gives me a break from planning meals, makes cooking easy and allows us to try something new. If you’ve never tried it, I have a few free boxes to gift if you want to E-mail me at 


Do any of you feel like your laundry never ends? I feel like every weekend I challenge myself to finish everything in one day so that the only remaining dirty clothes are the ones we’re wearing. That has maybe happened one time. Maybe. 

Now, that being said, I like starting my week with laundry as done as possible. I specifically try to have all the boys’ clothing washed and put away, as well as towels (seriously, why are there always towels to wash?). 

When I put my laundry away, I do a quick organization of drawers. I look at the boys’ dressers and take out anything with holes in it, stains or anything that has gotten too small. I try to stay on top of this so that it makes getting dressed in the morning a little easier. 

In our closet, I like starting the week with my go-to items clean, so that means workout clothes, sports bras, jeans and favorite tops. 

Calendar Updates  

Clint and I are a little bit obsessive when it comes to knowing what’s happening and when it’s happening. We have a shared Google calendar that we both add things to throughout the week. It helps us know where the other is going to be on certain days and lately it has helped us with some vacation and activity planning, which we’re excited about.

I also schedule out my workouts for the week and put them on my calendar. I find that doing this makes me more accountable and it keeps me from overbooking myself and skipping my workouts. 

Inspiration & Organization

I spend about 2 hours every Monday morning in my office just getting organized and planning my work week. I make my to do lists for the blog and by client, setting specific goals for everything throughout the week. 

One thing I’ve also taken to doing on Monday mornings during this office time is listening to podcasts. I had to get away from watching the 4th hour of the Today Show and wanted to start having productive noise around me. I found that these podcasts have helped me start my week on a positive note. I like listening to “How I Built This,” “The Goal Digger,” “Magic Lessons,” and “Beyond the To Do List.”

What do you all do to start your week off on a positive note? 

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11 thoughts on “How I Start My Week

  1. Stephanie

    Oh my gosh, girlfriend! Your organizational skills are giving me serious life! As somebody that runs a full-time blogging business from home, I really wish that I could be as organized as this. It gets a little challenging when health issues and other events are thrown in there, but I hope at some point to have my life as put together as it seems yours is!

    Stephanie //

  2. Stefanie

    aw man I’ve seriously had the most unproductive Monday in awhile and you’re making me feel bad about myself! ha just kidding. i love all of your tips and so glad your little family is feeling better!!


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