How I’m Upgrading my Morning Routine

Morning Routine Upgrade with Dove Deodorant

Well hey there, long time, no see!

I certainly didn’t expect to take that week off of posting, but after our vacation, we got hit by that awful bug that’s been going around and no one in this house was able to escape it! I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’re on our way to better, but it sure is moving slowly (TOO slowly for my liking). 

It’s never good timing but this crazy month of birthdays and travel, plus the sickness really has me hoping for a little more normalcy and really wanting to get back to that good, healthy routine we had going when the new year started. 

You hear me say all the time how much I love routine, and I really do. Our whole family is sort of creatures of habit, which is really nice when it comes to the kids. Mornings are typically our busiest time of day, when that routine sort of matters most for staying organized and getting out the door with everyone dressed and packed, and without forgetting something.

Lately I’ve been trying to add a few new things to my part of the morning routine, just to make it feel a little easier, a little less rushed and maybe even squeezing in a little bit of style along the way. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Keeping My Cool

My day gets off to a pretty quick start from school prep right to my workouts and then into errands and work. So, I recently upgraded to Dove Advanced Care Deodorant for a little extra freshness and sweat protection (for up to 48 hours!). I love that the Dove deodorant is also really moisturizing with ΒΌ moisturizers and NutriumMoisture, so it feels great on my skin while it’s working to help me keep cool when I’m running around like crazy!

Advance Preparation

Now I’ve been meaning to do this for my kids, but I actually have been starting to lay out my own clothes the night before. Because I do morning workouts most of the time these days, it tends to be my workout clothes. I’ve found that setting out an outfit that I like (and that matches) has motivated me even more to get to those morning workouts. Plus it helps me feel put together to start my day, which always helps things get off to a good start.

Cleaning Up

Another evening activity that has made mornings so much easier is that we’ve started to clean up the kitchen at night. I never realized how much it bothered me to wake up to clean dishes sitting on the counter waiting to be put away until they just weren’t there anymore. Our goal is to get all of the dishes and bottles cleaned, dried and put away, as well as load and start the dishwasher before we head up to bed at night. It’s so worth the extra 5-10 minutes of work in the evening to wake up fresh in the morning!

Coffee Upgrade

While we’re talking kitchen, let’s talk coffee! I’ve mentioned before how I have cut down my caffeine intake by quite a bit, so I’m trying to make the most out of my coffee. First off, I always include my Vital Proteins Marine Collagen in my coffee. I forgot to take it on vacation (and while we were sick), and I noticed a difference that I really didn’t like, so it’s one of those “can’t live without” things for me. I’m also working on cutting down my dairy a bit (just a personal choice to see how I feel) and have been experimenting with chocolate almond milk, vanilla almond milk and coconut milk in my coffee. I love the richness and creaminess of the new flavors and it gives it a little more of a coffee shop feel!

Getting Organized

I love a good to do list and I’ve actually found that I randomly start to add things to my mental to do list right before I go to bed (or when I’m oddly wide awake in the middle of the night). So I’ve started to keep a little notepad and pen next to my bed so that I can make sure to add those items or ideas to my real to do list or calendar in the morning. I also have started my day by getting my list in order and prioritizing what really needs to get done on any given day. Also, thank goodness for bright pens and color coding!

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11 thoughts on “How I’m Upgrading my Morning Routine

  1. Stephanie

    You’ve got such a great routine going. I hope you begin feeling better soon. This bug that’s going around is totally nasty! I’m definitely with you on cleaning up before bed and keeping a list bedside. I always have my phone ready and waiting in case I want to just “Siri, please remind me to….” haha!

    Stephanie //

  2. Bev

    I just implemented the nightly clean up of the kitchen and it has lowered my morning anxiety when I walk in the kitchen for my first cup of coffee. These are some helpful tips.


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