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wish list tortoise pumps topshop wrap sweater

Neutrals, basics and little interesting pieces with pops of color. That’s what I’m wish listing for lately and what inspired this week’s wish list.

And umm is that a bathing suit? Yeah, it is. 

How is it possible that we’re getting to the end of January already? It’s looking like 2017 is going to fly by just as fast as 2016 did. Right now I’m working through to do lists for the boys’ birthday parties and prepping for that first big vacation away from the kids. In the meantime, I’m also hoping that you all are liking the way the content is rolling out around here this month. I like that wish lists are back and that posts are becoming a little more consistent. What do you think?

Let’s talk about some of the highlights from this week’s wish list:

  • These tortoise pumps are at the top of my “shoes to get” list. They’re a great and unique version of a neutral shoe that will go with lots of different colors and outfits. 
  • I’ve been seriously eyeing this Topshop wrap sweater to take with me to Park City. I like the idea of wearing it out to dinner layered with a lace trimmed cami and then a little cozier over my favorite long sleeved tee. 
  • I thought that this Brain Dust sounded interesting. It’s something that you add to your coffee or tea and is supposed to boost your clarity, memory, creativity and alertness. Umm, it’s Wednesday, so I think I need this right about now.

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