Who doesn’t love a little pampering? I love a good massage and always look forward to getting my nails done, but I really REALLY love getting my hair done. I especially love getting my hair blown out, so I was very excited to be invited to check out the new Blo Salon in Birmingham!

The salon is sleek and chic in gray and white with pops of pink, and it would be the perfect place to prep for a girls night out or special occasion. You can choose from 7 signature Blo Out styles, along with options like adding braids or even getting an updo. 


I talked with my fabulous stylist, Leah, and decided to try a style that was a little more tousled and beachy than what I usually do when I style my own hair. Blo uses Unite hair products, and I loved that everything had a heat protectant. They are also really light, so I didn’t feel as if I was weighed down with product.

I got to relax, watch E!, sip on coffee and read a magazine while Leah did a seriously great job on my hair. I loved getting to try a new style and even get a few tips on how to replicate the flat iron-created curls at home (I am SO bad at those!). 

blo-birmingham-blow-out blo-birmingham finished-blow-out

My postpartum hair loss is finally slowing down, which means my hair is thickening back up again (as if I really need any more) and is now past the middle of my back, so a blow out that lasts for a few days is HUGE for me. This one lasted me a solid 4 days before I had a sweaty workout day and messed it up. 

Thanks again to the ladies at Blo for hosting me and treating me to a gorgeous Blo Out! Please, follow along on the Blo Birmingham Facebook page to find out about upcoming events and see some of the latest styles walking out of the salon!


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