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Just when you think that post-baby clothing shopping is an intimidating concept, wait till you try post-baby bra shopping. Those of you ladies who have been through it already know but for those of you who haven’t, let’s just say that things aren’t exactly where they used to be.

I really have always felt that having a good bra is an investment that you should make, but I have been doing a bad job taking my own advice lately so I turned to an expert to get things back in order. I met with Beth at Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection in the Intimates department to get fitted and learn more about the importance of wearing the right bra. 

Beth is a professional fitter, she’s highly trained and her goal is always to make her clients feel fabulous when they walk out. I could tell within minutes of meeting her that she knew what she was talking about. We talked bras, underwear and shape wear (including the one piece that EVERY woman needs to have!), and I got fitted for some new things to fit my new size and shape.

bra-shopping-at-neiman-marcus bra-shopping-tips

As we all do, I’ve definitely gotten down on myself after having Dylan that I’m not the shape and size that I used to be. After my fitting, I was amazed how well pretty and supportive worked together to make me feel fantastic. This was a great experience for me to try some new products and hear some great advice for women in the same situation (or just anyone who knows they need to go bra shopping but hasn’t gotten around to it. You know who you are!).

neiman-marcus-best-bra-shopping-tips best-bra-shopping-tips

I wanted to share some of that advice with you, so I’m rounding up some of the best bra shopping tips I picked up from my visit with Beth:

  1. Get fitted. Most women are wearing the wrong bra size! I know I was and that’s why my appointment with Beth was so great. She didn’t get out a measuring tape but instead just looked at me and, after we chatted for a few minutes, she went out and picked a few things for me to try. I tried fancy bras, t-shirt bras, sports bras (like this one) and while I wasn’t always the same size in every style, nearly everything fit perfectly. I was so happy to be comfortable and confident when I was in the right size and right style for my shape.
  2. Take your time. When you decide that you’re going bra shopping, don’t plan on just taking a quick trip to the store. Go in, and spend some time trying things on. Try things you may not normally choose. This is also the beauty of having a professional fit expert work with you because she will bring you things that you may not have picked on your own. At Neiman Marcus, they also try to make this an enjoyable experience. If you make an appointment, they’ll have coffee, water, mimosas or whatever you’d like all set up for you!
  3. Get set. As it get A set. At my appointment, Beth mentioned that it is much more common for European women to shop for a bra and underwear set. American women just don’t tend to shop this way – but we probably should. I love wearing a pretty set and when I do, I just feel like I’ve started out my outfit on a good note. It may be a bit more of an investment, but these are things you wear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And this is definitely something I’m hoping to make a habit!
  4. Think need AND want. You may go into your bra shopping experience intending to pick up a nude bra or just a strapless bra and that’s all well and good. But you should take time to try on, choose and buy things you WANT along with your basics. I found that I loved a beautiful neon pink Chantelle bra that I definitely didn’t think I needed, till I tried it on and felt so pretty – want! I also didn’t think I needed shape wear. My 5 year old Spanx are fine, right? Yeah, until you try on brand new ones and see what has changed in shape wear over the years. 

To make an appointment with Beth (which you should do!) and get your own personalized bra shopping tips, you can call at 248.643.3300 and ask for the intimates department. And don’t forget to ask her for that absolute essential piece of shape wear you can’t live without!

Photos thanks to Olga Gamburg Photography.


11 thoughts on “NM Fit Experience

  1. Gala

    Oh my god, this is sooo important! Not only regarding bra sizes but also bikini tops!
    I’m in the third trimester of my first pregnancy now (8 more weeks to go!) so I’m very curious to see what happens to my body (and breasts in particular!) after breastfeeding lol!

    Thank you for this post and tips!

    X Gala


  2. Jami

    Great tips! This is one of those things that gets pushed to the bad of the list, but really a must-do because it’s such an everyday necessity.


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