Back to School Shopping: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Am I the only one who is really looking forward to fall?

I think at least once a day lately I’ve been telling someone, “I can’t wait till fall. I really want to have a real routine again.” I’m clearly fooling myself that things will slow down once the school year starts up again, but a predictable busy routine is really what I’m craving these days.

By the way, remind me that I said this when it’s snowing in October. 

As I mentioned in my previous post about this, I’m only doing two Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts and this is the second (and last) one. Do y’all get overwhelmed by all of these sale posts? I know I kind of do, so I’m going to talk about this sale (which is actually pretty good) in terms of what’s coming up for fall and some of the best deals in those categories.  

For those “keep the bikini body” workouts: 

I’m hoping to get into a more consistent routine with my workouts in the fall so, for me, it makes a lot of sense to get some new workout gear. A new pair of yoga pants (at $33!) or a “to and from” jacket are great first picks, but if you’re looking even further into the year, this is a great winter jacket for pre/post workout, or just those yoga pants, errand running days! By the way, it’s never bad time to stock up on socks!

For carpool & casual days:

I used to have the goal of getting dressed every single day. Well, that hasn’t happened consistently since I had Dylan but I’d like to try to get back to that again in the fall. It truly does take as much time to match a pair of jeans and a top as it does to throw on my yoga pants so I just need to create a little better habit. Do you have those days too? 

I’m going to make skinny jeans, boots (or cute sneakers) and a sweater my go-to fall look for “everyday.” And it’s looking like those days are going to be filled with work, stuff for school for the boys and keeping up with the house. Maybe I’ll throw on a little bit of sparkle for good measure.

For the kids:

I mentioned in my previous post that I really like to use sales like this as an opportunity to shop for my little ones and, more specifically, get a size ahead on things like shoes and jeans. I also really like to buy play clothes and stuff for them to wear to school when it’s on sale. I know everything is going to get paint, food or who knows what else on it, so I feel way better about those things when I didn’t pay full price!

Oh and if you’re in the market for baby gear, I also saw that the Beaba baby food maker is on sale for under $100 and I’ve heard good things about this travel crib.

Because shoes are never a bad idea:

Shoes are NEVER a bad idea. Just trust me, buy the shoes. 

This is a good time to buy either a trendy pair of shoes or a staple pair of shoes (like these or these) because the prices are pretty darn good. These are the top shoes on my wish list for this sale.  I’m one that wears shoes until they’re practically falling apart and I just can’t wear them any longer, so I see all of my shoes as investments – whether they’re $100 or $500!

Best in Beauty

I can’t leave this post without talking about beauty. No matter what size I’ve been over the past year, I always love shopping for a good beauty deal because it always fits! One of the things I’ve liked most in beauty for this sale is the selection of palettes. They’re so nice for travel and even just for getting ready in the morning. How nice is it to just pull out one palette instead of digging through your drawer for several little colors and compacts? 

I also thought the “tools” on sale were pretty good, like this PMD Personal Microderm Device, the go-to Clarisonic and these Beauty Blenders.


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