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Today I’m really excited to announce a brand new content section here on the HSS feed: Health & Fitness.

Throughout my pregnancy, I started to become more interested in fitness. Now, as I put a lot of focus on losing the baby weight and getting healthy again, I want to talk more about that interest here on my blog. 

So what can you expect in the coming weeks and months? Well to start, I’m going to be featuring specific workouts at lots of different studios, partnering with experts in nutrition to share tips and recipes, and also talking about workout fashion and style. Things will build and change as we go along, and I hope you’ll let me know the things that you want to hear about!

I also want to share my journey of losing weight and getting in shape after having Dylan and I’ll be very honest with you about how things are going and I’ll be starting that today if you read on. For one, I hope that what I’m doing and sharing will inspire other new moms out there to focus on yourselves a bit, as well. This is also a bit of being accountable to you and myself in this journey to being healthier. 

As this goes on, I’ll share my personal updates maybe once a month or so and share some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way but to start: For most of my pregnancy, I thought I was doing really well on my weight gain and keeping it in check. For about the last six weeks of it, my blood pressure went up and the doctor’s orders were to relax and basically cut out my workouts, and I sort of gave up. I had the extra cookies around the holidays and in those last challenging weeks of my pregnancy, I absolutely gave in to emotional eating and that weight packed on. In total, I gained 37 pounds, and weighed 155 at my last doctor’s appointment (the day I had Dylan).

As of now, I’ve lost about 20 pounds and would like to lose 20 more to get back to where I was before I got pregnant for the first time last year. To be honest, I would say that right now, I’m incredibly self-conscious and not feeling great about where I am. I hear from people that I should give myself a little credit and that my baby is only 10 weeks old so not to worry. They’re probably right but when your clothes don’t fit, some days are a little tough. I know I’m not alone and that all of you other new moms out there get how this feels, but I’d love to see things change a little faster than they are.

I hope that by having this conversation and by starting this new section of the blog, we can all inspire each other to be healthy and at our best. Please feel free to leave comments with your experiences and tips or favorites throughout this series (and on any other posts, of course!) and I can’t wait to share more with you!


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