Owlet Baby Monitor

Owlet Baby Monitor

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done any outfit posts in a while or shown up on my own Instagram account for a while, the bags under my eyes are a bit to blame for that (although both of those things are coming back soon!). 

Lost sleep is pretty much expected when you have a newborn, or really just if you have kids. You’re supposed to sleep when the baby is sleeping but you keep checking the monitor to make sure everything is okay. With Jackson, we used to go into his room every night before we went to bed and just watch him for a few minutes to make sure he was breathing well and moving. I actually remember a couple of times where Clint and I were hovering standing over his crib and he started to wake up, so we both jumped over to the sides to hide so that he wouldn’t see us and want to get up and play. 

With Dylan, I’ve tried to be more laid back in a lot of ways and that includes managing and minimizing that anxiety over what’s happening when he’s sleeping. Thankfully, we’ve had a little help in this department now that we have an Owlet Baby Monitor.

Owlet Base Station

I actually discovered the Owlet Baby Monitor on Instagram and immediately became fascinated with what it’s able to do. The Owlet uses pulse oximetry technology (which is what they use in hospitals when they clip that monitor on your finger) to get information on the baby’s oxygen levels and blood flow. All of this vital information is gathered by a sensor in a cute little sock that the baby wears while sleeping. Until we got an Owlet, I had no idea that this technology was even accessible for in-home use.

Owlet was kind enough to send us a monitor to use with Dylan and it has been an amazing product to have – I cannot say enough good things about our experience so far. I really love that I can be anywhere in my house and look at the app on my phone (along with the base station) to check and see how Dylan is doing. And that if something is wrong with his breathing or heart rate, the Owlet will sound an alarm to let us know so we can respond and react (more on how that works here). 

I’ve had a few questions from friends that I also thought I’d mention here. One that always comes up is whether the sock actually stays on and, in our experience, it absolutely does. Ours has fallen off one time, but it was truly one of those times where we didn’t put it on correctly at a 5:00 AM feeding/changing. Otherwise, I have Dylan wear it underneath his footed jammies where it stays very well and I’ve found the monitoring to be very reliable and consistent.

The other question I get a lot is whether we have a lot of false alarms and the answer to that in our case is no. Because the setup of our house is a little weird, we had to figure out where to place the base station to get the best connection (the Owlet sounds alarms differently if the sock falls off or the sock is unable to communicate with the base station via Bluetooth) but once we found a spot for that, we’ve had absolutely zero problems with our monitoring. 

Owlet’s tagline is “Rest Assured” and I really do find a lot of reassurance in knowing that we have this technology working for us all night long – and that we don’t have to go all “super spy” and sneak into Dylan’s room to see how he’s doing. It has meant better sleep for all of us so far and we look forward to that sleep continuing to get better (fingers crossed!) over the coming weeks. 

Owlet is offering a special promotion exclusively to the HSS feed readers, where you get $10 off of an Owlet Baby Monitor. All you have to do is click here to shop and $10 off will be reflected in your shopping cart. I highly recommend the Owlet as a gift for a new mom or mom-to-be, or even to yourself and your family! 


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