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Loyal Hana Shelley Suh

For this week’s installment of “Moms with Style,” I’m excited to introduce you to Shelley Suh from the stylish mom-friendly clothing line, Loyal Hana. I discovered Loyal Hana on Instagram and was really impressed by the line and how wonderful the pieces would be for transitioning from pregnancy to motherhood in a flattering, stylish way (you won’t believe these are nursing friendly pieces when you see them!). 

Name: Shelley Suh
Mom to: Cybelle Curry, daughter, age 6, Mason Curry, son, age 3
Company: Loyal Hana

Loyal Hana was created to give back to the expecting and nursing moms who give so much to the little ones in their lives. It is a collection of stylish, comfortable garments that enable the modern woman to transition from the bump, the boob and beyond. With discreetly hidden zipper openings, soft, machine-friendly fabrics and chic silhouettes, every piece of our maternity and nursing wear collection was designed with her, and us, in mind. Transitioning from pregnancy to motherhood is hard. Loyal Hana was created to help make it easier.

I love that Loyal Hana is designed to transition with moms from pregnancy to motherhood. Do you have a favorite piece or two that you would recommend for moms to start out with? 
If I were to recommend two items out of the collection, I would recommend the Christy: A must-have maternity and nursing basic. This long sleeve crewneck has a flattering silhouette with an additional band at the bottom for a little extra coverage. This top is a comfy, cotton blend that is durable for just about anything.

As you transition to go back-to-life and venture outdoors with the baby, the Carrie is a great blouse to feel stylish and serves its function for breastfeeding wherever you go. Carrie is a pocketed short sleeve shirt, which embodies a soft, casual, structure. It has deep side pockets and flattering side seams that conceal the zipper openings.

How has your beauty and style routine changed since becoming a mom?
I want to mention that I believe we should all meditate on breathing, eating healthy, exercising regularly and making sure we get enough sleep. Unfortunately, all of these things have been challenging to maintain ever since I had both my kids.

I try to do as much for my health and make the time to exercise, as I believe I can’t take care of my kids unless I’m healthy, physically and mentally.

Since my time is limited, I search for go-to items in my closet that I can throw on and feel comfy and chic. I try to create similar pieces that women can wear and hope they become their go-to items during pregnancy and especially after birth!

Moms with Style Shelley Suh Loyal Hana

Do you have any advice for how you balance work and family? 
I feel lucky everyday that I have the opportunity to create and have an outlet for something that I’m really passionate about. That in itself makes me a more balance individual to enter my family life and parent with appreciation/mindfulness. My work gives me time to focus on myself and who I am and with that, I’m a better mother.

If you had a whole day just to yourself, where would we find you?
If I had a whole day to myself I would probably find myself with my mom at the Korean spa. Nothing better then a body scrub topped with a massage and facial given by the little Korean women in a black bra and undies.

What has been the most fun and/or surprising thing you’ve learned since becoming a mom?
Becoming a mother has challenged me in everyway possible- mentally and physically. I was not blessed with easy labors and after having my son I became postpartum. I learned that whatever hardships I go through to remind myself that it ALWAYS gets better. With that said I also try to spend as much time as I can with my kids bc they are my life. The love I have for my kids is beyond anything I have experience so far in life.

Shelley Suh Loyal Hana

Big thanks to Shelley for participating in this series! Be sure to head over to the Loyal Hana website to check out the entire line. My favorite pieces include this jumpsuit, this sweatshirt (which I’m living in) and this dress. Loyal Hana is also offering a 40% off discount exclusively to the HSS feed readers now through March 14 with the code Hss40. Happy shopping! 


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