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It seems like every year I make some sort of workout-related New Year’s resolution. This year is a little different since some new, blood pressure-related issues and the fact that I’m hugely pregnant have sort of sidelined my workout routine for now. In a few weeks, I’ll be really looking forward to getting back to it and getting a little inspiration and motivation from the ladies at The Barre Code Metro Detroit has me getting even more anxious! 

I’m excited to welcome The Barre Code Metro Detroit co-owner, Lindsay, back to the blog today to share a partner workout that you can easily do on the go or at the gym with a friend to kick your New Year’s workout resolutions into high gear!

Did you know that statistics show you are more likely to workout if you stick to a routine with a friend? In addition to making it more fun, you will also reap the benefits of increased motivation and dedication, and that former girl time that used to be spent at happy hour can be transitioned into an hour that will make you both happ(ier!) and healthier, too!

One of the reasons I adore group fitness is for the camaraderie and support when the challenge gets real. Here are a fun few moves that you can do with a friend at home or at the gym this month!  

barre code metro detroit workout

An Abs-olute Warmup: Place your hand right underneath your shoulder, and reach your top arm as long as you can up to the sky. You can stack your feet or plant your top leg in front of the bottom – whichever is most comfortable for you. Pull your navel right to your spine to deeply activate your abdominals, and work to take tiny lifts of your hips up to the sky to activate your obliques. This one is perfect for your first movement because it helps to activate 200+ muscles in your body, and you can face each other and catch up on the latest and greatest in each other’s lives as you warm up! The talking will actually help you to make sure you are continuing to breathe and activating your core. Try for one minute on each side, and work up to 3-5 repetitions.

The Power Punch

The Power Punch: Now is the time to throw on some Britney and work. Start facing each other and do 16 counts of jabs with your front hand, working your feet in a shuffle motion rocking front and back. Jump to face the opposite direction (now back to back) and repeat. Work for two rounds of 16 cts, four rounds of 8 cts, and eight rounds of 4 cts. Repeat as many times as needed until the sweat is pumping! 

I've Got Your Back

“I’ve Got Your Back”: We’re about to take the words to “Lean on Me” to a new level. Equally pressing your backs into each other, walk your feet out and extend your arms long in front of you. This is a thigh burner, and you’ll want to hold until you feel total fatigue. The goal is 2-3 minutes, but you can work up to that! Once you get the hang of it, see how many rounds you can do of this and continue to build during every sweat session to continue to build your strength and endurance.  

Lean & Lunge

Lean & Lunge: For the last move we want to take it fast and strong! Step your feet out to a wide lunge, bringing your hands into prayer and making sure your knee stays on top of your heel without pushing toward your toes. Take a few rounds slow, using the squeeze of your glutes to power up to standing after each repetitions. Once you feel the movement is locked in your muscle memory, start to pick up speed. You can even use this as a challenge to push each other and “race” to increase the intensity. Push toward the finish line on full blast to feel amazing on the other side! 

 In #SweatySisterhood, Lindsay

Don’t forget to check out the schedules at The Barre Code Metro Detroit studios (Royal Oak is opening soon!) and give a class a try, if you haven’t already. You’ll be immediately hooked on the positive energy and the crazy fun classes! There are also complimentary classes at Athleta at the Somerset Collection on Sundays through the end of this month, paired with positive resolution workshops with blogger Katie Dalebout (from The Wellness Wonderland). 



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