Fit for the Festivus

Thanksgiving is just two days away, which means that the season of overindulgence is about to begin (if it hasn’t already)! Since I’m clearly not drinking during this holiday season, I know I’ll be using that excuse to have an extra cookie or two at the parties and dinners we’ve got on our calendar. However, I also want to maintain my workout routine and keep my inevitable, albeit necessary, pregnancy weight gain under control. 

Before we all hit the road for this holiday weekend, I’m excited to welcome Lindsay, one of the owners of The Barre Code Metro Detroit, back to the blog to share some tips for getting your workout in while you’re on the go this holiday season:

Tis the season! For joyous celebration, lingering meals surrounded by loved ones, and inevitably: a crazy schedule. Don’t let the spirit of the holiday stop you from getting your sweat on! Whether you’re tackling these moves in the living room while the turkey is in the oven or packing them with you on your holiday travel, these moves require zero equipment and are guaranteed to get your heart rate lifted and your endorphins leaving you extra jolly.

For best results, take each move for one minute with a 30 second tap out between rounds. Repeat for as many rounds as you’d like – a suggested minimum of four.

Squat & Kick The Squat & Kick: Start your squat with your feet slightly wider than your hips in your “power stance” – similar to the same positioning you would take if you were about to jump as high as you can. Pull your tailbone back behind you like you are sitting in a chair, keeping your chest lifted and hands in a guard position. Lean with your upper body as you push your legs into kicks from side to side.


Gobble WobbleThe Gobble Wobble: Hands go behind hips, heels under hips. Extend your fingertips to reach your opposite toes and rotate as much as possible through your torso. Focus in on keeping your navel pulled to your spine to maximize the abdominal work. You can take these at a slow tempo to keep this movement strength-based, or kick up the tempo faster to get your heart rate lifting!


Twisted PlankThe Twisted Plank: Take a side plank by planting one palm underneath your shoulder and use oblique muscles to lift hips. Top arm reaches through, threading between base arm and torso, creating a strong abdominal contraction. As you extend arm back to sky – option to lift top leg for added balance challenge! Take this one for 30 seconds on each side.


Turkey TrotThe Turkey Trot: It’s sprint time! Keep hands up and lift knees as high and wide as you can, as quickly as you can. Work within a burst of energy and push as hard as possible through the 30 seconds, your heart rate and metabolic rate will both feel the boost and you will feel amazing on the other side of your hard work!

Big thanks to Lindsay and The Barre Code Metro Detroit! If you’re looking to take a class in studio here in Metro Detroit this season, be sure check out their holiday schedule here. Not in the Detroit area? Click here to find The Barre Code studio near you.


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