The Denim Event


Denim deals, anyone?

Although I won’t be buying any new jeans this fall, that doesn’t mean I’m not doing a little browsing (you know, just in case I need a post-baby pair to keep on hand well in advance). A good pair of jeans is always worth it and the Denim Event is going on through tomorrow at Neiman Marcus. You get $25 off of one pair, $75 off of two pairs and $125 off of 3 pairs. 

Flares are easily my favorite fall denim trend. And, by the way, if you spot a good pair of maternity flares, send a link my way. I just feel like they’re great for that illusion of lengthening your legs, and there are so many ways to style them whether you’re going for a little bit boho or more of a classic look.

I also really like all the prints and colors that you’re seeing in denim this fall. My favorite is a really pretty, rich red pair, in keeping with the “full-bodied reds” trend for the season. With these, I’d create a monochromatic red look or pair with a neutral top or sweater in cream, blush or tan.

Shop Flares (my top pick):

Shop Skinnies (my top pick):

Shop Prints, Colors & Embellishments (my top pick): 

Shop Distressed (my top pick):

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