Jackson Loves: For Back to Preschool


I absolutely LOVE back to school time, and I always have. I love shopping for school supplies and actually got a little jealous of some moms with their kids at Target last week because I really wanted to be there with a supply checklist in hand. Sorry, I’m a huge nerd. 

So Jackson has technically been in school all summer, but fall session always feels different. It’s always a fun new beginning and time to stock up on a few new things. Here’s what we’re loving right now to get ready for preschool:

Backpacks // Jackson is a BIG backpack fan. He has had one for traveling for a while now and he loves packing it up every time we go anywhere. So when we said he could start taking a backpack to school (although all it typically has in it is extra clothes because, you know, potty training accidents), he got super excited. The team at Garnet Hill sent us this cute little dinosaur backpack, which was a huge hit. We also have a little Pottery Barn Kids with a soccer print that is for sports – which we’re really kicking into high gear this fall! 

New Jeans // Okay, this one I’m kind of excited about because we are finally moving to 3T jeans! So Jackson isn’t exactly tall or big (I mean, look at his parents. Neither are we.), but he’s hit a good growth spurt so it’s time to do some closet updates. We do a lot of jeans for school because they’re easy play clothes and easily washed several times a week. GAP toddler jeans are my favorite for Jackson because they fit him really well and I like the adjustable waist. I typically buy the original fit but I like this little distressed style and might even try a pair of skinny jeans too!

New Shoes // We’ve always heard that about every three months, you should do a shoe size check for your kids. Along with that, I feel like that’s been good timing for us to get new shoes because Jackson is so rough on his shoes! As he gets bigger, we’ve been able to choose from more options and I really want to get him a pair of Chuck Taylors for fall, along with some sporty sneakers and some sweet fall slip-ons

Sports Gear // This fall is going to be packed with flag football, soccer and gymnastics classes. So far we’ve been only doing one sport at a time but we upped our schedule this season because Jackson has just become more active and is so much happier when he’s busy. Check in with me and my sanity in a few weeks to see if I still think this is a good idea. To get him excited, we have been playing his new sports in the yard and also getting  some gear. I love Old Navy’s activewear because it’s really well made and the prices are awesome, so I can pick up several items – since we’ll need at least a few different things for a single week!


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