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Clint, Jackson and I are thrilled to (finally) announce that Baby Boy Rand #2 will be joining our family in early February 2016! 

After suffering a miscarriage earlier this year, we are just so incredibly thankful for this little guy and for a healthy and happy pregnancy so far. We aren’t taking anything for granted and are doing our best to enjoy every minute of this journey to becoming a family of four. I can’t wait to see Jackson become a big brother (for what he understands, he seems to be excited) and for my wonderfully supportive and amazing husband to become a father of two, and I just look forward to everything we have ahead of us. 

I know things have been a little bit quiet around here for a long time, but I hope now you understand why. When I was pregnant with Jackson, blogging was a little bit new to me and I kept a lot of it private because I didn’t know what to say or what information was TOO much information. I will be sharing some more this time around, but certainly don’t expect those updates where I tell you if my wedding rings still fit or if my belly button is in or out (because really, who wants to know that?!). I hope to share the fun side of this experience and get back into blogging regularly now, as I’m finally starting to feel better and am regaining a bit more energy and inspiration.

Now the fun begins!


4 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Priscilla L

    Congrats to you an your adorable family. We are blessed with two boys – 13 mths apart(7 & 6 yrs). And it is pure joy!

    Priscilla (Houston)


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