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Now that the winter chill is finally starting to get out of here (for real this time, I think), we are really happy to be able to get out of the house and be more active, and we’re always looking for something to do that will be equal parts fun and tiring for Jackson. Lately we’ve been loving playing soccer and tee ball in the back yard, going for family walks in the evening and heading to the park whenever possible.

With the fortunate increase in activity around here, this always seems to be the time of year that we really get focused on being healthy. One of my New Year’s resolutions (and one of the only ones I’ve done a consistently good job with so far) was to drink more water and I think it has really made a difference in just a few short months! I start my day with some water with lemon and have been taking a bottle of Nestle Pure Life water in my bag when I’m running around and then also to bed with me to keep on my nightstand.

I’ve found that, when I’m being good about my water intake, my skin is clearer, my eyes (and probably the rest of me!) are less puffy and I feel better, overall. I’ve also sort of made this into a household resolution, and to get us all on board and keep up with it has simply been a matter of making it easy. We stock our beverage refrigerator in the kitchen with bottled water to grab before heading to a workout or just out and about.

We’ve also never been big on keeping juice around the house, so water is always requested! So, for Jackson, we always keep the mini bottles of Nestle Pure Life water around and he always loves having one “just like mommy and daddy.” They’re also great for traveling or when we have play dates because they’re the perfect size for the kids!

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One thought on “Healthy & Hydrated with Nestle Pure Life

  1. Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    Love your article about Nestle water!! Great that you little one wants to drink like “mommy and daddy”!! My son who is living with Autism drinks his fair share of water esp. in water bottles or with a straw!! Stay cool 🙂

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


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