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So what does a “Stay At Home” day look like around here? I thought I’d take you through a somewhat typical day for me. Truthfully, I’d kind of love to be a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom that had luncheons to get dressed up for and lots of shopping for lovely little days. That sounds good, can someone sign me up for that?

Now, I will say that I do get to have some pretty cool days, thanks in part to the projects I work on for this blog. I also am lucky that I get to have two full days a week with Jackson that we call our “date days.” My “work days,” however, are a little bit different than they used to be and staying at home can be far from relaxing, and it is definitely work! Here’s what a sort of typical “workday” looks like around here:

  • I’m usually up around 6:45 am and I get sort of ready, throw on workout clothes, check work and blog E-mails and make sure the day’s blog post went live, before I straighten up around the house and make breakfast before Jackson gets up.
  • Clint, Jackson and I have breakfast together before he heads off to school and I usually try to get out of the house pretty soon after that to get a workout in, because if I don’t do it in the morning, it’s unlikely that it’ll happen!
  • Then I try to divide my day between work and home, kind of depending on which to do list is longer. If I have more house stuff to do, I will leave the gym or studio and run the all of the errands I need to run before I go back home for the rest of the day. 
  • Once I get the house stuff done, I’ll get cleaned up and dressed to work in my office at home, shoot blog photos and write posts, and do some client work for my marketing business.
  • I try to wrap everything up by 4:30 or so, before Jackson gets home. Then we do our best to unplug and focus on family dinner and playtime with him until he goes to bed. We have an evening routine that is almost exactly the same every day (and has been since Jackson was a baby). It really works for us that we get good, fun time with Jackson and then quiet, peaceful time for just Clint and I to hang out, talk and watch a favorite show or two.

Downtown-Bay-City-Talbots T-by-Talbots-1

Let’s talk about the style part of my day. I’m loving the athleisure trend, especially for this type of day, and was really excited to find out about the new T by Talbots line. This particular outfit is super comfortable for running around, but still looking pulled together. The sweatshirt has a couple of zip pockets on the front, which are great to throw your phone or keys in and I really love this tote bag, it’s super spacious and great for errand running or even to use as a little carry-on. 

A few other new pieces from the link that I’m a big fan of include: this striped cowl neck top with shorts for summer boat rides, this cozy skirt (and if you like it, check out this top) with a tank for trips to the farmer’s market, these super cute sneakers and finally, this striped maxi dress is really great for everything from lunch dates to errand running and swim lesson watching.

If you’re interested in more of the “everyday” around here including the food, family and some other favorites, be sure to follow me on Instagram and now on Snapchat (ninarand).

Shop the look:
Sweatshirt, Crops, Jacket, Tote Bag all c/o Talbots // Nike Air Relentless Sneakers // Oliver Peoples Sunglasses // Lipstick: Clarins Instant Light Balm Lip Perfector (in My Pink

Photos thanks to Portraits by Rachel Starr.


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